June 2, 2010

Sometimes you just want to take an old sock out of your drawer..

..and put it to a good use.

Paul McCartney -- like so many of the glitterati -- asks us to go easy on The Pantload:

“I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great,” the British songsmith said on Tuesday, ABC News reported.

Easy for him to say, of course, living across the pond in a socialist paradise with his millions and millions of dollars. But things aren't quite the same if you're an indentured wage-slave, watching your savings evaporate, jobs vaporize, and having every vestige of your worth and beuing nibbled at by the unions, lying politicians, and corrupt, uncaring government.

He was over here to receives an award from fellow musicians:

This year’s recipient of the Library of Congress’s Gershwin Prize for Popular song, McCartney is set to perform at the White House Wednesday evening and be feted by fellow musicians Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, the Jonas Brothers, Elvis Costello and Herbie Hancock, among others.

Speaking at a press conference in Washington ahead of the event, McCartney, 67, said he planned to “try to have fun” but predicted a case of the nerves when performing “like, three feet away” from Obama.

Oh, man! I am sure that was a very critical audience. You know, a lot of head nodding...especially Stevie Wonder. The Gershwin Prize concert is set to be broadcast on July 28. Well, I know what I'll be doing that day.

So, go ahead, Paul, old son, try to have fun there. I am sure it's a real sweat for you.

At least John Lennon lived here and paid taxes.


  1. What I want most of all from my entertainers is … well, entertainment. If I want to hear politics, I can turn on any television channel or, if that fails, I can spend the entire day at You Tube. Excellent post … and spot on. I guess the real lesson here is that when you have more millions than you can count, paying extraordinarily high taxes is no big deal. Throw me in that briar patch. And this, by the way, is yet another reason I can’t find it in my heart to forgive my high school guidance counselor.

  2. (sung to Lady Madonna)

    Mr. McCartney
    Reporters at your feet
    We wonder how you manage
    To sound like a geek.

    You've got tons of money
    A republican you ain't
    Did you think the vegan lifestyle
    Made you a saint?

    You're a fan, you say you love Obama
    "Lay off him now, he's doing' great" you say
    But in the States, we think the guy's a moron
    From problems, he does run....

    Mr. McCartney
    As a songman you're the best
    But we like you so much more if
    you'd shut up about the rest..

  3. You guys are awesome!

    Mustang, thanks for your words and your service (I will post a comment over on your site a couple of days from now; the first anniversary of my son joining the USMC) and, Lipton, all I got to say to you: quit you're day job! You write better lyrics than McCartney ever did!

    Thanks again for the comments, gentlemen!

  4. Pantload ? There's a new one every day, but I have to say yours is my favorite. Go easy? Not bloody likely Paul !

  5. What a crock of shite. And he's been shite for pretty much his entire post-Beatles career.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting Barack Obama's Oil Spill's Blog. It's amazing how annoyed even inanimate objects get at B.O.

  6. I'm a big Beatles Fan, including Paul, when they sing. As for Mr. McCartney's comments about Obama...all I can say is SHUT UP AND SING.

  7. Gentlemen and madam,

    ..amazing how reverence for former idols fades away and how adulation grows for some of this crowd grows. I used to like Jon Voight, but now I actively seek ways to patronize the movies he makes and support his career any way I can. Same way for Sinise and others like him who support the troops.

    Try out James Woods too and -- God bless them -- those who have the courage to break out of the entertainment conformity and leave the Hollywood echo chamber.

    Maybe if folks like Redford and Penn and the others see their projects get zippo at the box office, they'll what? Leave the country? Probably just STFU.

    Mr Basterd: I love the concept of an event having a blog of its own. Oh man, the stories it could tell..