June 6, 2010

Get stuffed!

There is a growing move afoot to NOT fire Helen Thomas -- to let her stay just where she is -- even after she vapor-locks. I mean, they could have her stuffed or mummified and put in the first row -- the odor being only marginally more objectionable that it is now. And, most certainly, she would not utter any of the inane, argumentative, garrulous, meandering questions she does now. 

And -- fer sure, dude -- she would be somewhat less offensive. 

..she'd just be a dessicated, linen-wrapped piece of liberal protoplasm, a tribute to Obama's Golden Age -- his thousand year Reich in which he had  members of his ministry of truth -- the MSM -- argue for a re-ignition of the Holocaust.

However, if they were really creative, instead of embalming her or mummifying her, they could eviscerate her, stuff her with Hershey's Kisses and JuJu Bees (get it?), little pull-toy party favors and use her for a piƱata on Cinco de Mayo. 

(O.K., that's enough of the cheap stuff. Tomorrow, I invest in a new bottle of Glennlivet. The Jack Daniels and Arnold Palmer mix gets retired.)

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