June 12, 2010

Question of the Day from HillBuzz..

The good folks at HillBuzz -- our friends on the Democrat side and wonderful allies in the ongoing fight -- have come up with the following question of the day:

QUESTION: What does it mean that Saudi Arabia is publicly giving Israel permission to fly through its airspace to bomb Iran?

My answer is simple: if I were Aqua-Velva-Jhad, I would be soiling my underpants at this time.


  1. Saudi Arabia has always been at odds with Iran. But I don't see them fighting many wars head-on. I see them use their money and influence to get others to fight their wars for them.

  2. Opie is spot on about the Saudis. Iran (stupid foolish Iran) is using their 12th century navy to escort the next "humanitarian flotilla" from Turkey. They will be sunk as the Israeli Air Force bombs Iran back into the stone age as it should be.

    Meanwhile the Golden Pantload will beg for forgiveness from the Arab would for being the weakest Muslim of them all.