June 7, 2010

The Architect

Now that we have (almost) shoved that old crone off the stage, it's fun to get back to the nightmare that is Obama's presidency.

I was watching Hannity tonight -- nothing else to do until Missus War Planner returns tomorrow after a month in the land of the Rising Sun -- and he had Karl Rove on as his first guest to comment on the D. C. Clown Troupe.

Now, I like Karl for the reason I like "W" and most of the people in his administration: they piss off a lot of idiot Democrats and make them froth at the mouth. And one supposes this is why that piece of dog excrement in the White House will be around so long after he gets his ass thrown out onto Pennsylvania Avenue in 2012 (You listening, God?) -- because The Golden Pantload pisses us off. So it's natural that all of the swooning, hyper-libs will insist on invoking his memory and talk about "the good old days" well into the teens of this century.

Anyway, The Architect -- man, I love that sobriquet -- comes up three gems while I am watching.

First, as for Helen Thomas, we ought to just let that old piece of slime slink off to her freezing garret where she can heat up a can of Campbell's chicken with rice soup over her hot plate, watch broadcasts of White House press conferences with some other hack is sitting in her goddam front row seat, slinging brickbats at the hapless press secretary. I can see her now, chugging back that lukewarm porridge and mumbling, "I coulda been a contendah.."

I'm with Rove on this one except I still like the idea of her being stuffed and put in the back row -- banished to ignominy for an eternity.

The other point Rove managed to insert between Hannity's incessant ticking off his talking points was a delicious anecdote about Steven "Nobel Laureate" Chu. It seems that this idiot was so freaking clueless (again, with the freaking) that when BP finally did get a cap on the pipe, he asked why there was still oil coming out. Apparently, the highly regarded, award-winning, paint-all-the-roofs-white, certified genius secretary did not that caps apparently do not completely stop the flow lest the pressure blow them off.

Oh sure, you and I didn't know that, but then again, we're not pulling down a government paycheck from the department of energy, are we?

So color yet another member of the Clown Troupe as clueless in D.C.

Final shocker? Well, it turns out that the BP president has not spoken once -- not one single time -- with the POSOTUS since this crisis began.

Well, I gotta do about a zillion loads of wash and clean up the dishes in the sink before I get knee-capped by the Mrs. W.P. tomorrow so I'll toddle off and leave you to your own devices.

"Boodle-am, boodle-am, boodle-am shake," as Gus Cannon would say.


  1. I was watching the Rove interview earlier for many of the same reasons as you, and I was stunned with the comment about the energy secretary. Did this cat actually think it would be completely sealed???

    By the way, just throw all the dishes away and buy more, the missus will never know and you will stimulate the economy!

  2. I didn’t watch Hannity tonight. I watched “Get Shorty” instead. It’s the story of a Miami loan shark who successfully takes over the film industry. This is the film Barack Obama used to model his meteoric rise to the presidency after only fifteen minutes in the U. S. Senate having procured his office from former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

    My (free) advice is never listen to WMUR … wives know everything. One of her contingency plans is that you’ll toss out all her heirloom china and replace it with something on sale at Target. When she comes home to see your toothy grin, she’ll pull out her Bursa Thunder .380 and knee cap you fifteen times. Now ask yourself, “Would WMUR be there to back me up?” I’m thinking, “Nah.”

    Once again, a Marine saves your ass …

  3. >after a month in the land of the Rising Sun

    Am I correct in assuming that your wife is Japanese? (My wife is from Osaka.)

  4. >as for Helen Thomas, we ought to just let that old piece of slime slink off to her freezing garret

    I thought she was from Mordor.

  5. Gentlemen,

    There seems to be a consensus regarding the dishes, but it is a fait accompli as they and the glasses have been cleaned and stowed, the beer cans shoveled out of sight, carpets vacuumed, and the gin bottles policed up from the front lawn. The hootch looks -- well -- almost habitable. Although Alice, my dog, is still glaring at me from the bath I gave her on Sunday.

    Yes, Bastiatarian, the bride is from Hamamatsu in Shizuoka prefecture midway between Tokyo and Kyoto on the Shinkansen. She went back to see her oka-san and square away some family matters with a rogue sister. From our brief conversations, Seiko (my wife) and Teruko (her good sister) had quite a tussle with the evil Keiko. I am given to understand that my kneecaps are relatively safe because Seiko ran out of ammo on Keiko's kneecaps.

    Mustang, I guess I gotta flush out my headgear; I surely do not know what WMUR is unless it's the ABC outlet in Manchester, NH..

    ..but then we would be talking about my deposed Democrat brother, James, who was a NH state rep. and that's another day.

  6. WMUR = What makes us right, your first commenter who apparently did have your best interest at stake. Uh ... it could also be the ABC outlet in Manchester, NH.