July 25, 2013

A Tale of two druggies..

This from my good friend 1LT Cappy Robertson, some perspective on the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong:
"I  think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has 
treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning 
seven Tour de France races while on drugs. 
When  I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike." 
-Willie Nelson
To which I remarked:
"..at last, some humor on this subject. One wearies of those 
self-righteous, smug types with their sphincters puckered down to 
f/16 at the mention of drugs and the tour. As a former USCF Cat 
III racer, I gotta tell you that even at THAT amateur level, 
folks were doing P. E. drugs and stuff just to win primes such as 
$4 tires and $2 water bottles. 
Don't condone what Armstrong did and cannot tolerate his 
prevarication, but what really chafes is that his final downfall 
was brought on by a U. S. governmental agency adjudicating one's 
involvement in a foreign activity. Talk about governmental, 
nanny-state over-reach. 

Solution: turn professional bicycle racing into a free-market 
affair. Essentially allow 163 little chemistry experiments loose 
on the roads and hills of France for the month of July. Whatever 
those bastages can cram into their veins is fair game. 

When a couple of these guys vapor lock on the last kilometer of 
L'Alpe d'Huez or take down the final sprint on the Champs-Élysées 
then the participants will rethink altering their own body 
chemistry for a yellow shirt. 

..and the U. S. Gummint can stay the f**k out of it. 
WP, '64
I mean, really.


July 22, 2013

Afterburner == Blowtorch

Bill Whittle is a very calm, logical person. He editorializes over on Pajamas Media (you Google it) and publishes a regular editorial he calls "Afterburner". It is delivered in a very calm, logical style that strips hypocrisy and faithlessness to the bone. The subject of his editorials -- more appropriately, the objects thereof -- are left bleeding and broken in their wake.

I enjoy these pieces because, as you can see from my previous  post, I like goo and gore..

(..NOT! Things just lined up that way.)

Anyway, here is Mr Whittle on the subject of the "Trayvon is a little angel" mantra that the left and the media ("What's the difference?) were laying down.

..someone call an ambulance.


July 21, 2013

"What difference does it make?"

Well, old Helen Thomas has started her dirt nap and I cannot say that I am the least bit sad. In fact, I am not anywhere as close to being as despondent as I was when Ted "The Chappaquiddick Breast Stroker" Kennedy began pushing up daisies. And, I can assure you, ladies and gents, there was not a wet eye in the War Planner manse.

War Planner overcome by grief at the news of Ted Kennedy's passing.
So instead of seeing pictures of old Helen wafting around the internet like the one below:

..we'll have to get a pick and a spade, trudge out to Forest Lawn or somewheres, bust a sweat and see something like this:

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure which image is more startling. Either way, I am just wonderfully happy that the old bag has cashed it in and -- as a result of her hateful, ugly feelings bubbling to the surface causing her to dwell in ignominy in last years -- pleased as punch she's not around anymore.

Oh, and if your some lib wandering by here and want to make a comment on what an evil person I seem to be, this is for you:


July 2, 2013

All[ah] is well..

An Emergency Call Centre worker in London has been dismissed from her job, much to the dismay of colleagues who are reportedly unhappy with her treatment. It seems a male caller dialed 911 from a mobile phone, stating,"I am depressed and lying here on a railway track. I am waiting for the train to come so I can finally meet Allah."

Apparently "remain calm and stay on the line" was not considered to be an appropriate or correct response.