June 14, 2010

Leftist hack hag NYT columnist and broken clock..

..right at least two times per day.

Believe me, I have no love for Maureen Dowd, the vicious, poisonous, liberal, slavering she-witch columnist for the New York Times. She can pound sand as far as I am concerned. But one of her recent columns -- while not exactly zinging Obama -- has some interesting insights into what may be a failed presidency rotting from within.

In that column, Dowd contrasts the style of Obama versus, of all people, Slow Joe Biden his vice president. Drawn largely from her experience in attending that infamous "soaker-gun" barbecue that "Plugs" held for the press and other lovey-dovey personnel in the current regime, she claims that Biden's handling of the press is somewhat akin to JFK's while Obama's is closer to Nixon's.


Well, here goes:

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

The two men running the White House have very different relationships with the press; one is warm and one is frosty.

One’s relationship is more JFK, and one’s has self-pitying echoes of Nixon.

By all rights, you’d think it would be Joe Biden who would resent journalists for kicking him around for years. It was the press, me included, who reported on the problems that led him to drop out of the 1988 presidential race.

It was the press that delighted in Biden’s foot-in-mouth syndrome in 2008 and played up the exacting Barack Obama’s occasional chagrin at the ├╝ber-exuberant Joe as they began their odd-couple partnership.

But the column is really a petulant rant on how Obama has been snubbing the press more and more as things go downhill (emphasis added):

Obama refuses to deal with the media world as it is. He’s holding out for the media world that he wants. But that will never be. That disdainful attitude toward 24-hour cable culture is slowing his political reflexes. We’re seeing that in the oil spill. I don’t think it’s personal with him. It’s not that he despises reporters as human beings, like Nixon. He does scores of interviews and he doesn’t rage behind closed doors. But if he doesn’t make more concessions to Washington as it is, he’s going to hurt his presidency.”

Now that Obama has been hit with negative press, he’s even more contemptuous. “He’s never needed to woo the press,” says the NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd. “He’s never really needed us.”

MoDo's statement about Obama not making more concessions to Washington "as it is" I suppose can be read as "be a water-soaking, French fry chompin', touch football playin' sport or well crush your nuts in a vice". You know, the typical inside media arrogance that she attempts to dismiss in her column but that bubbles up in that closing paragraph.

It's not that I hold up either Dowd or Obama as the wronged party needful of defending; I wish a pox on both their houses. It's well, you know, kind of like that horrid couple next door -- the yuppies with a Beemer and a Benz, great clothes, his 'n her Rolexes, six-figure jobs at prestigious firms, and absolutely everything else you are jealous of -- having a series of screaming, knock-down, drag-out fights as they teeter on the edge of the impending, unavoidable divorce.

Absolutely delicious -- and the reason the Germans invented the word "schadenfreude".

So, I submit, MoDo you ought to see a specialist to have your case of cranial-rectal insertion treated. The Pantload caved to "inside Washington" the moment he was inaugurated by serially blowing away every one of his hopey-changey promises and being the leather-bound sub of the whip-cracking Mistress Pelosi. (Now there's a ghastly image.)

Some gratuitous parting comments: If you wish to read the column (and I ain't recommending it) read the comments as well. They are, of course, written by readers of the New York Times, so you know that's got to be a collection of folks with a real clue, right? But among the collection of "leave him alone, Dowd, he's a beautiful light-bringer and needs to transform this plane of existence" bum-osculators, there's some sanity (again, emphasis added):

It's sad. I voted for the man, and my mother was near religious in her support for him, working locally with Obama's campaign. His is looking more and more like a failed presidency in the making, however. If Obama doesn't step it up, becoming not only more visible, but visible actually doing something beyond heavily scripted photo ops, I have my doubts he can be re-elected. In fact, the president has so disappointed me already, that I won't be voting for him next election. It's unlikely I'll vote Republican either, so it appears I simply won't be taking part in the process.

Also, the link to the Biden soaker party is an absolutely fabulous blog! It's all about..

..well, head on over there and see.


  1. I'm so happy I don't have to read the crap she writes. You'll do it for me and report on it here ... not that I give a flying F.

  2. ..all part of the service, my good man, all part of the service.