June 10, 2010

Obamanoid Mantra: Blame Bush and get in their faces..

Posted by ed Morrissey over at Hot Air!, this video shows an unfortunate confrontation between some North Carolina protesters and a guy who (still) believes that the state of affairs in this country can be laid at the feet of George Bush.

Well, the nutless wonders over at You Tube pulled the video above, but here is a FNS rendition of same:


It is a pathetic meme, getting old quick, and unfortunate how this boob shed any credibility he may have had by assaulting the wife of one of the protesters and then cold-cocking the guy himself.

Take a lesson away that this is what we will be facing this Fall: an opposition who will sense that they are losing their brief grip on America and who may resort to any tactics to retain their power. I am not specifically talking violence..

..just sayin'.


  1. Alright, the cops got one of them there agitatin' sumabitches ... yes sa !

  2. "...just sayin'..."

    Now you're stealing my taglines! lol

    Sadly, this is how Liberals think - blaming things on Bush is "heroic". Throwing eggs and rocks at Tea Party buses is "freedom of expression". Conservatives trying to save the free-fall of this country are "nazis"; securing our borders is "racist".

    I can't wait until November - will Liberals label resounding defeat as "A coup"?


  3. "..Now you're stealing my taglines! lol.."

    ..hey, these are desperate times, bro, and they call for desperate measures!

  4. Michael Savage is absolutely correct. "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder".

    If only the chilly days of November were already here. I hope to be among the many that make things even more chilly for all the left wing, anti-American fools we put in charge of this country. In my view, the election of the Democrats (liberal/progressives) and a socialist President was one of the biggest mistakes our electorate has ever made and is a chilling commentary on the state of voter's knowledge of issues and what is good for America.

    I hope we fix this in November, for the sake of all who are American.