June 4, 2010

The repulsive WH press corps(e) Gargoyle..

..is a shrieking anti-semite:

..and mentally defective in addition to having a face that looks like the crud on the underside of a mossy rock. Not only does she look hideous, her mind and soul match.

I hope this woman buddies up with Sean Penn so she can live out her life with terminal menstrual cramps, shrieking for a Midol. Here's hoping also that her duodenum hardens to concrete and she ends up terminally constipated. What else I would wish on her is not fit for publishing, but let me get half way through a bottle of Glennfiddich tonight and I'll sure as sh!t try.

..is that enough hatred for you Colleen? Or do you need me to go over to snopes.com and find some more abuse and hate.

Oh, and, Helen, you turd-sucking, liberal piece of dessicated elephant afterbirth, gaze on this:

..God bless the state of Israel and God damn Helen Thomas to purgatory for a million eternities.

(I gotta calm down, where.)


  1. This kind of person has no soul. She is an ARAB-American, and doesn't deserve the American part.

  2. Tessa, God bless you as well. I apologize for my rough language, but this and the nonsense by the has-been McCartney really sets me off.

    Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.

  3. Helen Thomas needs to go back under that rock she crawled out from under.

  4. Has anyone noticed that Helen Thomas looks like living proof that Neanderthals knew beasts of burden - in a Biblical sense?

    Just saying...

  5. Gentlemen: how dare you slander donkeys and slugs and snails.

    It's not fun to bag on a woman as ugly as Thomas is -- decency militates against that - but it sure is easy when one essentially sees that Thomas has such a vile spirit as she does.

    As the grandfather said in Little Big Man: "The only trouble with Snake Women is that they copulate with horses. She says she doesn't -- and that's why I call call her 'doesn't like horses'. But, of course she's lying.."

  6. She should be thankful that she missed Hitler's Germany. One look at her and the SS would be making her into soap.

  7. Mr Rambling, I have to caution you once more. You are repeatedly causing me to take out monitors and keyboards over here at an alarming rate with oral spew.

    You keep this up and I will be taping my ribs.