November 29, 2019

Kamelnoze on the threshold of a big toilet flush..

I despise most of the Democrat candidates running for POTUS and those I do not despise, I am highly suspicious of. (I am looking at you, Major Grabber!) But of these candidates there are two that I am at once terrified of and believe them nothing more than human sewage.

The first is Elizabeth "Chief Shitting Bull" Warren who is a terminally unctuous, condescending, patronizing, inveterate liar. Besides, she probably smells like one of those old ladies who has lived by herself for the last twenty years with about forty-three cats and who smells like moth balls and three day old liver and onions. The faster she folds and drags her beaver back to her wigwam, the happier I shall be.

But the one I truly hope will die and fester in the noonday Mexicali sun is Kamala Harris, A.K.A. "Kamelnoze Hairyass".

Of course, the fact that her campaign is cratering is a source of immense joy for me; she not only deserves it but we avoid the danger of her getting anywhere near the levers of federal executive power.

Adding to campaign woes is the fact that a very senior staffer -- Kelly Mehlenbacher -- has left her campaign to join Bloomberg's staff (as he attempts to buy the Dem nomination) and the staffer has written a steaming resignation letter that outlines the warts of Kamelnoze's campaign. I thought I'd post the resignation letter and show that it alleges how truly incompetent Kamelnoze's campaign really is.

Here goes:

..while the letter is self-explanatory, it sure as shit shows that Harris is an incompetent leader and organizer and doesn't give a flying f**k for her staff or those who work for her. That she wants to lead the most powerful nation in the free world given what's cited by Mehlenbacher is an obscene joke.

In both the letter and other fragments floating to the top of the toilet bowl over the last few months of the campaign shows Harris to be ham-fisted, insensitive, self-centered, and has a serious lack of people and administrative skills and -- in all probability -- should not be U. S. Senator.

She probably should not even be a goddam toilet attendant!

November 24, 2019


November 19, 2019

Impeachment: check your calendars, do the math..

The Schiff Show has been subjected to all kinds of public opinion surverys and while these surveys, polls, and focus groups report results that seem intuitive -- that the show will not play in Peoria -- I believe the real drama is yet to come. This is not referring to the IG or the AG reports/cases, it refers to how the Senate will handle the impeachment trial if and when it is turned lover to them.

By some accounts, the final inquiry report -- the "Schiff Clown Show" report -- will be worked on during the Congressional Thanksgiving recess. The vote on impeachment is said to take place before the end of the year and, if there is a vote to impeach from the House, The Senate will get the matter in the first week of 2020. McTurtle and others say that the actual trial will take six to eight weeks.

Looking at my calendar and consulting the list of Dem candidates, I am forced to conclude that four candidates - Klobuchar, Warren, Sanders, and Booker will be required to spend their time devoted to the trial -- it is, after all, "jury duty" for them -- and they will be effectively constrained from campaigning.

Six weeks will cover the first two primaries and eight weeks may deliver them at the front stoop of Super Tuesday.

In Texas Hold 'Em parlance, not only the flop but the turn as well and even the river.. in shit creek without a paddle!

November 15, 2019

Schiff-for-brains and the impeachment hearings..

..and the fired, butt hurt ambassador to the Ukraine..

November 14, 2019

The Lying, Flailing, Commie Grandma..

This is one of those irrational laments where I need to get something off my chest.

The more I see Elizabeth Warren, the more I despise her.

It is not a rational hatred. She reminds me of my cousin who lives in Connecticut and always affects that smarmy, condescending, pretentious psuedo-soothing voice wherein she reassures people that things will be perfectly all right -- if only they follow her advice to the letter of the law and without deviation.

Of course, her advice is always supremely fucked up and without merit. Anyone following her are like -- what's that line from Macbeth? -- "fools light their ways to dusty death".

Now, to be perfectly fair, I do not hate my cousin more than I have Elizabeth Warren for, you see, my cousin has no direct control of my life and she cannot fuck it up.

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, the grandmother who probably smells like urine locked in an over-soaked Depends™ and mothballs and last night's liver and onions with her monumentally wrong-headed ideas on economics and social justice and "equality or outcome" can fuck up my life -- and yours, and yours over there, and yours up there in Billings, Montanna, and yours out there in Prescott, Arizona and, in fact, all of yours everywhere in this great land of ours.

She can fuck it up for all of us because she's an entitled elitist moron who has never done anything in her life except cheat at getting a big bucks job teaching (sorry, I meant spewing misinformation) to the mush heads attending smug sanctuary that specializes in brainwashing, Harvard University.

But I hate Elizabeth Warren because she is such an abject phony. (And this is where I get really, really illogical.) Like all of the people who lament Trump being elected: I lament the prospect of this cunt making it to the White House for any other reason than her being hired as a toilet attendant.

SO, as she continues to rant and rail and flail, I expect to overcome my rational dislike of her and post more here about her implausible economics and hair-brained theories and proposals.

Mean time, let's just let the cranky old bitch flail.

Tom Clancy Updated..

Our world sure has changed since the 1980s and much of it is regrettable. As an old codger yearning for a simpler time, I have been watching some talks given by the late Tom Clancy and have found them at once entertaining and sad. The sadness comes from the nostalgia one feels for the time some forty years ago when we had everything all figured out, the politicians in Washington were just doddering, cumbersome oafs who passed laws that put obstacles in our pat, crimped our wealth, or otherwise were -- by comparison -- annoyances.

They were served by bureaucrats who insisted on perpetuating themselves in their job, enlarging their petty fiefdoms and that was about it. Similarly, the secret initialed agencies were dedicated -- more or less -- to preserving the safety of this country, the sanctity of the Constitution, and guarding the privacy of [most of] its citizens.

And, of course, our military was rebuilding itself from the nightmare downsizing by an administration run by a former Navy nuke sub driver who had not clue one how to run the country.

It was about this time that this insurance guy from Maryland decided to get into the writing business about all of the above with an emphasis on the clandestine and evil in the world and the "good guys" who spent their careers and their lives fighting it.

Tom Clancy's talk here is from 1986 made just after his Hunt For Red October became a screaming success and he had published the follow-on Red Storm Rising. He gave one of his usual entertaining presentations to the NSA (the guys who would eventually snoop on all of us) about how he wrote and where he got his information (from a $9.95 computer game manual and reading stuff in the Washington Post) and how he was branching out to write about the incipient terrorist threat in Ireland.

Some things in the talk are prescient but he was certainly no 20th century Nostradamus. It does make one wonder, however, had he not passed away in 2013, what he would have to say about today's world.

Enjoy. I will post more.

November 13, 2019

Clearing the air on a couple of news broads..

Before the Project Veritas video of the Amy Rohach tear fest fades from memory, I wanted to clarify something for you folks. This is Sharyl Attkisson:

She is -- according to Wiki and my ken -- a superior, non-partisan reporter not afraid to put her ass on the line for a story. "Attkisson resigned from CBS News on March 10, 2014, after 21 years with the network. She later wrote the book Stonewalled, in which she alleged that CBS News failed to give sufficient coverage of Obama controversies, such as the 2012 Benghazi attack."

This is NOT Sharyl Attkisson. This is Amy Robach:

She is a smarmy, fluffy news reporter and daily show host for ABC. She is now all pouty because she could not report her Jefferey Epstein story. Poor Amy Robach. But she did not resign and take her story public, she sat there and frumped. You want to know more, read Chadwick Moore's column on her in Spectator U.S.A.* Here is an excerpt:

After Robach acquiesced to having her bombshell report killed, her career advanced within the network. In 2018 she became co-anchor of the prestigious 20/20 news magazine on ABC. In 2019, after admitting on the hot mic she believed the Clintons and the British royal family were both involved in Epstein’s pedo-ring, Robach did an excellent job of not appearing reluctant when she gave both families glowing media coverage on ABC News.

In May, she spent several days in Windsor, England, filing daily fluff pieces for Good Morning America about the anticipation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child. All the while, underneath this saccharine spectacle of morning news garbage, by her own admission she knew this family was protecting Prince Andrew. If she had any moral quandary, given what she knew, about providing free PR to the royal family, she certainly didn’t show it. Robach was bubbly, dutiful, and all smiles. She then gave an equally fawning interview to Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to promote their new book.

The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience, helping to enrich a family whose patriarch, she believed, was raping trafficked girls. Although few can deny Hillary Clinton is ‘gutsy’ — murdering Epstein being only the latest example (kidding!) — did the irony strike Robach, as she sat across from the Clintons discussing courageous women? Did she think about the victims she interviewed just three years earlier, and how many more there might be, as she put on a smile and helped Bill’s biggest enabler, Hillary, sell books?

So, basically, Amy is a gutless wimp content to do feel-good fluff on high-profile, powerful folks who are linked to one of the biggest pedos of the day with no ethical or moral backbone.

Clear on this, are we?

..I thought not.

*Because it's behind the pay wall at Spectator U.S.A., you wil only get one crack at it to read. Suggest you print it out and read at your leisure.

November 10, 2019

Looks like Bakersfield..

Mars rover does a 360 of the surface..

November 8, 2019

"I Carry a gun.." talk. Watch the goddam video!

November 5, 2019

The Coming Warren Wagon Train Massacre

Why does one increasingly think that Elizabeth "Chief Shitting Bull" Warren has that "old grandmother smell" about her. A friend of mine characterized it as the distilled aroma of urine-soaked Depends™ and moth balls. She is now being touted as the leader as Biden -- the Bidens, in fact -- are becoming mired in Ukrainian and Chinese stink and Bernie can only do one rally per day unless he wants to televise additional ones from a cardiac unit. Also, Warren's pathetic math skills based on her Medicare For All plan are causing the questions to mount up on the campaign trail against implausible answers. You know, like that bumbling drapes and blinds salesman who shows up for the evening appointment, gives one of those rambling presentations that have you just begging for the bottom line so you can hustle him out of the house and then he tells you that the blinds will cost $36,000 for a house that sells for $250,000 on the going market.

And yesterday, for example, her pathetic "Meme Team" rollout, adds to the perception that she is a profoundly moronic candidate. You know, like Hillary only without the vivacious, sparkling personality!

For example, her razor crack team of razor crack whip smart hip and internet savvy people coined the phrase "Warren's Wagons" as a rejoinder to the "Trump Train". Not only does it evoke stodgy, archaic 19th century images of a decidedly inferior method of conveyance (even in comparison to a train), it conflates her campaign with the famous frontier Warren Wagon Train Raid -- a confrontation between whites and American Indian savages.

We are two full months before the Iowa caucuses and already the wheels appear to be coming off.

Have you submitted your "meme" today? I would but I gotta go grab me a beer! Hoot!

At last! The Diaper Head is un-diapered!

Rare view!

November 4, 2019

..and how clueless is Kamelnoze?

Check this out, from Charlie Kirk.

Given the state of her campaign, this is just redolent with schadenfreude! for example, here she is just after she was hulled below the waterline by Tulsi the Grabber in the first or second Dem debate:

Now Stephen Kruiser over at PJM is reeling her in with these delicious observations.

Not much more I can add except a small sigh of relief because -- a ton of months ago -- I thought she would be THE big threat to Donald Trump being from California and a so-called "woman of color" and all that. I mean cshe checked all the boxes: skin, plumbing, etc. But, mercifully, she proved to be tone-deaf and, as many have observed, particularly maladroit at politics.

I sincerely hope that this is the political death knell and that this mean, conniving broad is challenged for her Senate seat next time. I will probably work my ass off for her opponent even if it is Kevin "Ghost Gun" De Leon!

November 3, 2019

How cluess was Beto?

Oh, I dunno. Take a look for yourself at some cheer sheets discovered in the Des Moines trash..

Also, Tucker's pre-postmortem on this worthless turd's campaign..

So long, loser, suck rocks!

November 2, 2019

Download Rebecca Carnes video here..

Anyone interested is welcome to download the Rebecca Carnes YouTube video I posted recently. it's here and on YouTube. Also, if you need the underlying MP4 send me an email.

November 1, 2019

So Beto[ff] couldn't take the heat..

That sack o' shit soi boi from El Paso has ridden off into the sunset, he's dropped out, he's become an ex-candidate! Certainly took that self-absorbed little trouser snake enough time what with burning though other people's money and showing videos of him at various hygiene appointments (tonsorial and dental) -- like we really gave a shit.

Anyway, It seems that there's a video floating around of a recent visit that this simpering little faery made to Sandy Hook, Connecticut where he was talking about how it was imperative that the government to buy back all our guns and other similar shit. So this lady -- Rebecca Carnes -- gets in his face big time and probably shriveled his manhood up to the size of a pipe cleaner with her invective.

The article is over on Daily Caller and the tweet containing the video is below. It is a real treasure!


By the way, while we are on the subject of that asshole whose testicles never dropped, juts thought youse guys might like to know that -- as of this writing -- you can STILL go over to his campaign site and contribute to his campaign? I had been checking throughout the day and thought maybe it was just an oversight but, after nine hours or so, there's no announcement and the contribute buttons still work. (Although I did not consummate any transactions.)

So this guy could be still sucking in dough from the vapor heads who think he's still running?

Wouldn't put it past the festering pile of pig after birth!