June 10, 2010

Lip-flaappin', gum-slappin', ass-kickin' sumbitch..

Well, seems like the more things change, the more Dirty Barry looks around for some ass to kick. As John Stewart calls this: AssQuest 2010.

Here is a much more entertaining viddy summary of The Golden Pantload's recent efforts on our behalf. I don't know about you, but I was so awe-struck that I damn near soiled myself.

In the interest of completeness, here's a redux of the first in the series. I cannot wait until we get the tri-fecta, the hat trick, the troika, the Ménage à trois..

..anyway, you know what I mean.

GRATUITOUS SIDEBAR DIG: Anyone else here can't stand the way this idiot keeps droppin' the Gs on his present participles so he sounds like he's from the hood, one of the boys, jes' like you'n'me? Sure as hell is annoyin', ain't it?

Oh yes, and the sibilant hissing, the whistling teeth (whistlin' teeth?) drive me to distraction. I'm goin' ta start a fund to get him some much-needed dental care. I know I am obsessing over this, but not nearly as bad as running the grotty pic of Sir Paul "Depends" McCartney.

Hah! Gotcha!

GRATUITOUS SIDEBAR DIG UPDATE: There was this DOS command-line program a long time ago called Ebonics -- or, more accurately, "ebonics.exe" -- and download sites for it can still be found around the internet. It would convert a text file (.txt) into Ebonics.

Well, I'm thinking (pardon, thinkin') that someone could develop a similar app -- we could call it Obamics -- that took perfectly normal text and translated into the argot delivered by our prez. It could be fairly simple: Unix-like command-line interface with two modes: plain text output or hissing, whistling audio output..

..well, you get the idea.


  1. You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the man ... sidebar noted and agreed to TWP.

    You are a hoot my man. I'm so glad I found someone as diabolically silly as me.

  2. I hadn't seen those videos. Thanks for posting them. What a disgrace. I am going to link to your post and use the videos on TCL FB and in TCL Blog. It's hard not to believe that Obama's "dithering" is not on purpose.

  3. ..these are pretty serious indictments of The Pantload's inability to handle the rigors of his executive position -- but then we knew that all along and the 52% didn't.

    But -- to me -- there is no evidence that any of this is conspiratorial. I think the guy is just supremely incompetent and he surrounds himself with the like. (Imagine Steven Chu not understanding the fundamentals of oil capping 35-40 days into this catastrophe.)

    C.L., I appreciate your spreading the word; I got these from Hoovering up all of the Hot Air! comments on the subject so I cannot be blamed for any shred of originality.

    The more one blogs -- and I am sure both of you realize this -- the more one experiences an inertia that seizes you. You think, "nah, I'm not going to write about or post this because it has already been around the world twice."

    And you find that it's (almost) breaking news.

    That's what makes this medium the factor that it is: all of us put up stuff with a slightly different perspective making a mosaic of fact and opinion that's hard to be controlled by any MSM or Ministry of Truth, etc.

    ..diabolically silly? Moi? I consider it an honor to be so regarded by you, sir!

  4. You added the part about Ebonics to Obamics. That's a great idea, and when are you going to pursue it?

  5. ..am slammed at work here, but I just might..some day..it's be a hoot.

  6. A program that would convert a txt file into an Obama Speech… That would be easy just remove all significant sentences and replace them with "Hope and Change" throw in a few “Ummms” and some “you knows” and there we have it one Obama speech ready for the teleprompter. Hey they’re already using it

  7. ..I'm dyin' here, Willie. Send me some specs and I'll crank 'er out!

    Thanks for the input.