December 29, 2009

Stop the Presses! Obama cuts golf game short!

The AP has another knee-pad adulation story about The Pantload breaking off his golf game for a crisis:
KAILUA, Hawaii – President Barack Obama abruptly ended his golf outing and sped in his motorcade to his compound Monday after he learned a child of a friend was injured while playing on the beach.

Members of the first family were fine, a White House official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of a reluctance to discuss personal matters involving the president.
After a brief delay, Obama returned to the course.
Of course, we are concerned about the child, but the Chicago Jesus can take time out of his golf game but can't be bothered to speak to the public about a potential terrorist act until 72 hours later?

Shocked, I tell you! I am shocked!

72 Hours with the Underpants Bomber

In another one of those obligatory "me too" posts on the Underpants Bomber who wanted to give everyone else a Melvin, I thought I'd chime in with some overlong tract, bloviating about how the dithering of this administration allowed this scumbag to be treated as a criminal instead of a terrorist. However, The Architect spends almost eight minutes deconstructing the Obama administration's failure to act decisively.

I like Rove's repeated referral to this guy as being treated like some criminal "who just knocked over a 7-11". I hope Karl doesn't get tagged by the administration or its lefty-Louie followers as being RA-A-A-A-C-I-S-T because 7-11's are largely owned and managed by Muslims..

..except, of course, in Maryland, where Joe Biden thinks they are run by Indians.

Obligatory Adjunctive Commentary: O.K., I cannot let a good crisis go to waste. Where have we seen this scenario play out before? Why, of course! It was back in August 2008 in the heat of the presidential race. Russia chose that time to overrun Georgia and The Pantload - once he was briefed that it was the former Soviet satellite nation and not the state between South Carolina and Florida - shuffled out in the midst of yet another vacation and, blinking in the bright Hawaiian sunlight, proceeded to pontificate to the assembled knee-pad media. As ABC reported it:
Obama also condemned the Russian invasion. But he cast a wider net for advice -- including Hadley, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and his foreign policy advisors. When he spoke, he was characteristically circumspect.

"I think it is important at this point for all sides to show restraint and to stop this armed conflict," Obama said. The candidates' responses reveal a stark difference in governing style, and both seem carefully calibrated to appeal to American voters.
Of course, we all come to recognize two things now: the press will do anything to give this clown a pass and here was the first green shoots of a habit he has of dithering, triangulating, and otherwise voting present as he had done so many times in the past.

The picture above? yes, that's our beloved Pantload-in-Chief on vacation carrying - what? - an important tome on world politics, economics, or military strategy? Naw, it's just the latest Harry Potter book. Hat tip to HillBuzz for this. You owe it to yourself to go over there and check out that post. They have a raging controversy about the scar on Obama's head. Past brain surgery or what?

It's really creepy!

December 23, 2009

"Auuughhh! Barry! Did you cut one?"

"(Sorry, I could not resist in the wake of John McCain's recent attempt to stack the House with more weaselly moderates.)

December 22, 2009

Potpurri Post

Hat tip to HillBuzz for the Ray Stevens clip. It just about says it all.., I'll refrain from running yet another shot of the porcelain maiden overflow and adding to the ebullient cries across the right wing blogosphere that Obama has slipped further South in the esteem in which he is held by you and I and our fellow Americans. The POSOTUS' Raz DT numbers are a towering negative two-one.

But it is significant to note that the "Pac-Man index is now negative. That is the Raz DT strongly disapprove number is greater than the just-plain-assed-approve-of-Obama numbers.

wave goodbye to the disappearing turd, boys and girls.

Oh yes, and a surreptitious shot-out to my one troll here. Ray, sweetie, bady, honey, lose the photoshopped pics of right-wing stalwarts wearing SS uniforms or giving speeches in front of swastikas. We get it, ti's not funny, beyond tedious, and a non-starter on this site.

December 20, 2009

"These are the times that try men's souls.."

In December of 1776, Thomas Paine wrote the first in a series of pamphlets called "The Crisis" which contained among the most stirring words of the nascent revolution against England. Considering today's events, these words seem very appropriate:
THESE are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain, too cheap, we esteem too lightly:--'Tis dearness only that gives every thing its value.
I visit many different sites and see too many nay-sayers who believe all is lost and the circumstances we find ourselves in seem irreversible.

They seem ready to throw the towel in, proclaiming that this cannot be undone.

I agree that it will be difficult, but not impossible and, if nothing, this country and its good people are all about accomplishing the very difficult -- if not the impossible.

In remembering Paine's words and searching for a suitable link, I came upon other fragments of our Revolutionary War history and - strangely enough - the one that gave me the most hope was the memory of the bitter winter of 1777 that George Washington and his ragged army spent in Valley Forge. To be sure, there were those that abandoned the cause and went back to their homes and farms, content to cede to England their freedom and liberty. These were the Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots that Paine wrote of.

I forgive them and would have felt sorry for them because they could not endure.

But for those who chose to stay, it was not just a matter of wintering over and emerging with the spring thaw to claim their victory. Indeed, they had to endure four more years of bitter fighting before Conrwallis surrendered at Yorktown and another two years before the treaty with England was signed.

Not to be overly dramatic, but just as our Revolutionary War forbearers' travails were only beginning, so are ours. And we cannot afford the luxury of just sitting on our asses and waiting for the job to get done for us by the eunuchs who serve in Congress. There's a whole lot of sleeve-rolling-up that has to be done. Personally, with all of this work ahead of us, I am not too terribly interested in listening to all of the whining willies, failure-freaks, Big-L-libertarians, and Ron-Paulista-ultraconservative-holier-than-thou wusses piss and moan about how if it is not just so, they're going to take their ball and go home.

We should get a grip and remember that this slide arguably started in November 2006 when people decided that they'd hand the Republicans their walking papers because they'd pissed away a golden opportunity to put sound conservative governance in place. And we should also remember that, since the mouth breathers, the 52% put that joke of a POTUS into office along with the botoxed crone and the old stookey from Nevada, the American public has reacted by giving these three stooges free-falling poll numbers and have turned on the Democrats - and, to a great degree, the do-nothing GOP - with unbridled revulsion and enmity. Recent polls proclaim that the ersatz Tea Party Movement is better thought of than either the Democrats and Republicans. And this has been in eleven short months.

I cannot remember either Clinton or Carter being disliked with as much intensity.

..and if those patriotic images are not working out for you, try remembering the recurring theme of the disconsolate fan in Major League II played by Randy Quaid who was always badmouthing Rick Vaughn until that final scene where "Wild Thing" comes in to relieve and advises Quaid to "Blow it out his ass".

Yeah, that'll work.

So, if they ask you if this health care is a killer and you're gonna tuck in your horns and slink off the battlefield, you tell 'em what LtCol Frank Slade told 'em, "Nah, I'm just gettin' warmed up here!"

And, I guess this is as good place to get warmed up as any. I suggest a call to this gentleman's offices telling his minions what you think of his upcoming vote:

Ben Nelson, U.S. Senator for Nebraska:

Washington, D.C. Office
720 Hart Senate Office Building United States Senate Washington, DC 20510.
T: 1-202-224-6551.
F: 1-202-228-0012

Omaha Office:
7602 Pacific St. Ste 205.
Omaha, NE 68114.
T: (402) 391-3411.
F: (402) 391-4725.

Hat tip to OmahaConservative on Hot Air

December 18, 2009

You can't fix stupid..

This from my friend Bill Preston. I'll let him tell it:
This was a guy's first boat and he was taking it to the lake, but wasn't quite sure of the correct procedure for launching a boat off a ramp. However, he figured it couldn't be that difficult to do, so he stopped by his Union office for advice and they just told him, "Don't let the trailer get too deep in the water when you're launching your boat".

Well later on, he couldn't understand what they meant by that, as he could just barely get his trailer in the water! Here's a picture worth a "thousand words” and be sure to check out the back window. (As Fredd comments below, it is an Obama sticker in the rear window of the pickup.) Some people shouldn't be allowed to get married, have children, or vote!"

December 16, 2009

Grab your muskets and get ready for the red Coats!

The RNC came out with a new commercial today about how Obama and the Democrats should listen to the old folks (like me) and not ram their health care takeover down our throats, etc.

Well it is a good commercial and the message is correct, but somehow it leaves one feeling like they've had a bowl of waremd over Campbell's chicken noodle soup when one really craves a huge-assed sirloin, baked potatoe (purposely spelled that way), and a couple of flagons of Sam Adams.

Sure, I want the RNC and the GOP to mount a campaign to throw these stiffs out, but what we really need are more people like LtCol Allen West. I saw him on Hannity last night and got turned onto a speech he made in the video below. Watch it, be prepared to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and maybe have a few tears prick your eyelids.

Without a doubt, it will be men and women like LtCOl West who should become our leaders. I want this man in congress in 2010 breathing fire down the necks of the wussed-out ass-clowns who would trivialize and ignore American citizens' opinions and belief.

(Hat tip to The Weasel Zippers blog.)

December 13, 2009

POSOTUS Nobel Copenhagen Stink Bomb Backs up in U. S. of A.

The Pantload unleashed a stinkeroo whose odors are now just wafting over to America and there's a lot of people holding their noses according to today's Raz D.T.

The strongly favorable versus strongly unfavorable index has sunk to a new low of -19 percent. Yesterday his stronglies were a previous record-setting -16 percent. The PAC-Man index (Favorable versus strongly unfavorable) is now at a razor thin +4 percent. That means that, as of today, only 4 percent more people like this hunk of crap than people who are motivated in their dislike of him.

Strangely, it is probably because of the tone of the Nobel acceptance speech -- his uncharacteristicly bellicose remarks about the U.S. needing to engage in war to keep the peace -- that caused this slide. Ed Morrissey posts over at Hot Air:
"This sample includes one polling day on a weekend (yesterday), which normally would have given Obama a boost. It will be interesting to see what happens by Thursday of next week, when they poll likely voters on three weekdays instead."
While I fervently pray that Ed is correct, I think one will see Obama rebound from these numbers somewhat for two reasons: (1) they are so abysmally low, one cannot imagine his bedrock, brainwashed Obamatons - the 93 percernt black voters, leftist cretins, and union/labor stooges - deserting him and (2) A lot of the folks who left the "strongly approve" category were peace-creep flower-children who were pissed because he put on his war face.

They probably even migrated all the way over to the "strongly disapprove" camp, dropped a couple of tabs of Mellow Yellow or Purple Haze. But they'll probably head back to peaced-out-unicorn-crapping-skittles territory and it'll ratchet back down to -14 or so.

Mean while, brothers and sisters, bask in the glow..

..bask in the glow.

UPDATE: I am adding the RealClearPolitics Presidential Job Approval page (Herinafter RCP PJA) as a link over on the left as a convenience. It will accompany the Rasmussen Dily Tracking link (heretofore and hereinafter RAZ DT) so you can watch this idiot's slide down the slide down the chute. You might notice that, as of this writing (early Monday, 13 December 2009) that the POSOTUS' numbers are 44/55 percent approve/disapprove and that the PAC-Man indez is now +2 percent (42% strondly disapprove versus 44% only approve). Hell, we may have ol' Hill step up and challenge this clown next year just to save the collapsing Democrat party. I will be holding a special party at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, California when the POSOTUS hits 35 percent..

..sometime next year next month.

December 11, 2009

This needs to go viral!

There is a massive and surreptitious move afoot by that crooked fairy, Bawney Fwank to pass another take-over bill of the financial industry that includes ACORN obversight..

..and, yeah, I don't give a crap about the pejorative I am using to describe this butt-wipe because of what he and his crone botoxed witch, Pelosi, are doing to us in the congress..

It is essential that you need to watch/listen to here. Michelle Nachmann describes this little fruit's attempt to slam a 1300-page bill through the house without first vetting it in committee or giving the American public the courtesy of learning about it. from the Hot Air post on this:
Breitbart TV’s B-cast interviews Bachmann, who brings listeners up to date on Barney Frank’s financial-reform legislation, which dropped on the House last week. It’s 1300 pages long, and the vote will be taken — today. It reorders the entire financial-services industry and vastly increases government control over it. Oh, and ACORN, too.
So I guess Bawney Fwank just wants to have us know what it feels like to bend over.

So listen and do what Michelle says: spread the word and melt the phones!

UPDATE:  Is it just me, or do you all think that Michelle is one great looking woman? Something about her intelligence, desire, drive, and those piercing blue eyes that just rivets me.

I mean, the left can have their Hillary Clintons and Helen Thomas's.

December 10, 2009

RNC comes calling with its hand out..

..nossir! These guys are far from off the hook yet in my book. Just sitting around and doing nothing while the POSOTUS and his Merry Men make a shambles of ths country does not qualify for any part of the pathetic few greenstamps I got left in my wallet.

Not any time soon until they step up and start hitting a few of these liberal, left-wing, commie softballs over the fence, old son!

December 6, 2009

CRU software code continued.. piggy back onto the previous posts (down there), I found this pretty good dissection of some of the CRU code. The guy here is merciless in his analysis and criticism:
When I was a developer, in addition to the concepts of version control and frequent archiving, one thing my evil commercially oriented supervisors insisted on were "code reviews". This is the hated point where your manager and/or some other experienced developer goes through your code and critiques it in terms of clarity and quality.

As a general rule code reviews teach you a lot. And in places where you have a choice of potential language one of the big questions in a code review is often "why develop this in [
this particular computer language or idiom]?"
I agree with his salient observations regarding the methods and languages used:
The first thing I note is that a lot of the stuff is written in Fortran (of different vintages), and much of the rest in IDL. When you look at the code you see that a lot of it is not doing complex calculations but rather is doing text processing. Neither fortran nor IDL are the tools I would use for text processing - perl, awk, sed (all traditional unix tools available on the platforms the code runs on as far as I can tell) are all better at this. Indeed awk is used in a few spots making one wonder why it is not used elsewhere.
Even though I have a technical background and love science, I abhor Fortran because it's - well - it's so unstructured and undisciplined. When one looks at Fortran one conjures up images of some coffee-soaked, sleep-deprived scientific wretch, hair disheveled, throwing more and more lines of code into an algorithm to bury previous mistakes and just make the results come out correctly. And, for the record, IDL is:
"..the ideal, timesaving solution for data analysis, data visualization, and software application development. From “quick-look” analysis and display to commercial programming projects, IDL combines the technology and tools you need with a modern, extensible environment."
I do NOT know IDL and cannot quibble with this claim. But the site is interesting and promising. It is a fairly good deconstruciton of the code for folks who have some experience with coding and Unix. Again, the usual caveat exists, boys and girls: do not try this at home. The stunts here were done on a closed course by paid professionals..

..or, in the case of the East Anglia CRU programmers, rank amateurs. 

Class will out..

You are the president of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, the eternal beacon for freedom, the home and sanctuary of liberty and justice for the downtrodden who (legally) make it to our shores, the (formerly) powerful engine of capitalistic endeavor and friend to all nations who share our ideals and goals.

You host a state dinner and have as one of the honored guests, the prime minister of the largest democracy in the world. You stand in his honor to offer a salutation to this fellow head of state holding your water glass adorned with a paper napkin?

This is so-o-o-o-o wrong on so many levels. It is like a scene from one of those wedding-receptions-held-in-a-Holiday-Inn-hospitality-room, for instance, with the clueless guest offering up some mumbling me-too plaudits for the bride and groom.


Paper napkins for state dinners? And you can't get wide with a little glass of bubbly for the PM?

(Hat tip to Hot Air's What was the Obamateurism of the Week (12/6)? and to the contributor petunia who pointed out the paper napkin.)

UPDATE: Our golden boy, The POSOTUS, after a turkey break, is firmly orbiting in the mid minus teens at the RAZ DT. Note that his Strongly Approve numbers for this day weigh in at a low of 25 percent.

Doin' the Limbo Rock!

December 5, 2009

Forget the East Anglia CRU e-mails, folks..

A lot of attention is spent dealing with the "hide the decline" and other conspiratorial comments and an equal amount of energy is expended by the desperate defenders of AGW inventing tortured explanations for their heroes at the East Anglia CRU. But what is being overlooked is something that is even more damning than the memos and e-mails: it's the actual source code of the programs that are responsible in part for the analysis and results these clowns have foisted off on the public in an attempt to Hoover up grant money.

My background is that of a software engineer - a computer programmer - and I have been doing this for over forty years. I have worked as a consultant for 20 of those years, written a quarter of century of COBOL programs (and probably 20% of all of the Y2K bugs), written C, C++, Java, Jovial, Fortran (ugh!), Basic (MS and Visual), and even RPG. (Although, to be fair, someone once said that there was no such thing as an RPG programmer, only coders.)

[..further gratuitous, self-serving recitation of personal experience redacted..]

I have written my own software and maintained others' work. Some of the stuff I have worked on was really good and some of the stuff was 100% grade A crap. It looked like the person who wrote it was taking drugs or drinking heavily.

Anyway, enough of the CV horn-blowing. Where I am going with this is that I have looked at some of the source code files released in the CRU hack and, at best, they fall into the latter category of garbage.

In the clip above, what the guy is talking about is the penchant for commercial programmers with any sense of integrity to document their code with clear, concise, and accurate comments. (Although we never trust comments in lieu of the actual code.) Also he is talking about writing the logic in a straightforward and unambiguous style so that subsequent programmers can maintain it after you have left. And he is section he is pointing out is what is really criminal: intentional or unintentional, the algorithm that the guy wrote omitted data that did not fit within certain bounds.

Hardly encouraging to see something like that in code that is supposed to generate simulations of real world events. It's kind of like throwing out all of the checks you wrote for $200 or more when you reconcile your bank account. Or only record expenses of $1,000 or over in your general ledger.

Pretty soon, you will bounce a check or your financial statements will not reflect the actual state of your business.

So I want to pore through this code myself and see these problems myself. I would like to be able to offer my professional opinion as time permits, but, until I  can find the time, there are a number of sites where folks have done this already and - if you are interested - you should check out this discussion on Free Republic or this one at the same site.

And there's a good - albeit long - dissection of the code below. It's the second in this gentleman's series but the most expository. Warning! Do not watch this while operating heavy machinery. I recommend this for serious programmers and/or people with no life like myself. But the net of all this is that it's pretty damning.

December 2, 2009

"Alert the media!!"

The following is from HillBuzz and I am responding to their urgent request that they make this go viral:
We implore you to spread this link far and wide to as many people as you can.
The American MSM is working overtime to keep the Climate Hoax Scandal, Climategate, under wraps. This is a critical blow to Liberals. It’s the equivalent of some low-level hack leaving the Death Star plans lying around for some Bothan to find.

Great Merciful Zeus, you know something’s extra super squirrel important when we’re mixing our musical theater and SciFi references so casually.

What the MSM is counting on is for all of this too be too over the heads of most Americans. Liberals are hoping they find it “boring” and pay no attention to what’s happening, at lightning speed, around the world: the entire lunatic Cult of PaleoClimatology and “Virgin Gaia Worship” Al Gore and others cooked up as a giant Ponzi scheme is collapsing around them.

Indictments are coming worldwide.

Al Gore might ultimately go to prison himself.

Liberals are on the brink of suffering a cataclysmic, agenda-obliterating defeat.

The trick is getting regular people to wrap their heads around this. Via AceofSpades (www.Ace.Mu.Nu), here’s a quick explanation (by poster Iowahawk) of what’s going on that’s the best we have seen thus far:
For the benefit of true believers like Stewart, lemme see if I can squeeze this whole methodology thing into a nutshell:

Jones, Mann, et al., practice paleoclimatology; that is, the statistical reconstruction of historic climate records. Their approach works something like this –

let y = a time series of observed global temperature records.

Unfortunately reliable time series only go back 100-150 years or so, a blip on geological time scale. To figure out if there is any sort of significant millenial trend, the series needs to go much farther back, 1000 years or so. Great grampa Ogg was too busy avoiding plague infested rats to write down the temperature, so we need to deduce it out from “proxy variables,” like measurements on annually striated phenomena like tree rings, ice core samples and so on. so…

let x1 … xp = a time series array of proxy variables.

Great! Now them thar proxy variable records will get us back 1000 years. But they’re expressed in measures of tree ring width, band coloration, ice density, etc., not in temperature. And contrary to popular belief there isn’t a physical law or textbook formula that converts these proxy measures into temperature. To do this Mann, et al., use a statistical approach –

1. perform a Principle Components Analysis (PCA) of the proxy variables. PCA is a standard statistical technique for linearly transforming/ reducing a set of raw correlated variables (x1 … xp) into a set of variables called Principle Components (PC1 … PCp) which retain the information in the original data. The PCs are orthogonal (uncorrelated) with one another.

2. Next, Mann et al. regressed the 100 years or so of observed temperatures against the proxy variable principle components:

y = b0 + b1*PC1 + b2*PC2 + … + bp*PCp + error

the regression coefficients (b’s) estimated from recent data were then applied to the older proxy PCs to obtain retrospective “backcasts” or “hindcasts” of the temperatures in 1015, 1016,… 1850.

Voila! The Mann et al. statistical model resulted in the now infamous hockey stick, showing a radical increase in global temperatures in recent years versus the relatively flat milenial variation. This was in large part the basis for the IPCC report.

The initial controversy about this result was raised by MacIntyre and McKittrick (MM) who noted the backcasts of Mann’s reconstructed temperatures didn’t reproduce the amplitude of the Medieval “warm period” or the subsequent “little ice age” that previous research had estimated. That previous work suggested that the recent uptick in temperatures in no big whoop compare to previous decades in the past 1000 years, but Mann’s result showed it off the charts. They published a couple papers suggesting the flat reconstructed historical temperatures were artifacts of Mann’s selection of a time frame for extracting principle components (see step 1 above), which artificially suppressed the variation in the temperature backcasts. This is likely what the CRU emails were talking about when they referred to “Michael’s Nature trick.” This artifact explanation was largely confirmed by George Mason U statistician EJ Wegman (methods editor for JASA), who blistered Mann’s model in a 2006 report commissioned by the Congressional Energy & Commerce committee. Amusingly, Wegman showed that replacing Mann’s principle components estimates with repeated samples of random white noise continued to produce the same hockey stick shape.

Now here’s where the fun begins. MacIntyre and McKittrick wanted to follow up on their research, and asked Mann and Jones for their source data. This is where M&J started stonewalling to the point where M&M made FOIA requests, which were ignored. The emails give some sense of how desperately the CRU group wanted to avoid providing it. Why? Because, I suspect (and seems obvious from the “harry_read_me.txt” programmer’s notes), the basic observed temperature variables — the linchpin of truth in Mann’s model — are hopelessly, utterly corrupted.

Now, if you’ve been following this, Mann’s entire temperature reconstruction method rests on knowing (observing) recent periodic global temperatures, y. Quibbling about principle components aside, that’s the dependent variable in the backcasts. But as is now becoming increasingly plain, y was constructed from an undocumented process that took raw ground station data and ran it through a black box that included smoothing, filtering, inference, manipulation, baling wire, glue and the juice of one whole lemon. This is what the CRU people are calling “valued added homogenized data.” Or what normal people call “made up horseshit.” It’s also the temperature data that dozens, if not hundreds of AGW studies are based on.

In the last few days, the ECU has cynically offered to “share the data,” but what they are offering to share is this numerical sausage. What they won’t share is the source code for their computational raw data meatgrinder, which I suspect contains a treasure trove of numerical shenanigans.

So screen scrape this, go to the parent links at HillBuzz or Ace of Spades, but take a big gob of this brown crap that the Warmists are trying to foist off on us and fling it at the fan..

..and make some popcorn, hot wings, and get the frosties out for that TV special where the frog-walk the putrid polar-bear humping crook, Algore, into court.

December 1, 2009

A vat of congealed chicken fat

Because I was not in the mood to watch the Narcissist-in-Chief give his speech at West Point, I was following a thread somewhere and became so-o-o-o-o enraged that, somehow, the thread got hijacked to a discussion of the POSOTUS's delivery. Some clown made this comment:
President Obama’s speech felt totally disjointed tonight. I gave the content a C- and the delivery a D.
???????? on December 2, 2009 at 12:09 AM
That's when I lost it:
..jeez! What is this? Toastmasters? Here we are beating our gums about — what? — a speech; another one of the POSOTUS’s Greek Column extravaganzas and a chance to — what? — beat his gums some more.

The guy is a vapid, empty cypher who has and will continue to botch the office of POTUS because he has zippola in executive and leadership ability.

Wringing our hands over whether his delivery a C- or D+ is like eating a vat of congealed chicken fat. Wake up people! Are you going to join the 71% who think this gummint sucks and git up off’n your pimple-covered fannies and take back our country? (Hint: we can start now; we have eleven months!)

Or are you going to sit here and deconstruct this Pantload’s Rotary Club address?

VoyskaPVO on December 2, 2009 at 1:04 AM
My anger endures. This clown (The Pantload, not the commenter) has done nothing but bloviate since he took the oath. In fact, that's all he has done since he emerged on the scene as a scrawny state senator from Illinois: flap his lips. If someone went back to January 20th and started doing some checking, I'll bet you'll find that he has exceeded the number of public addresses-to-a-nationwide-audience than Bush (or any other President) has in an entire four years. But, to date, he has done squat..

..unless you count helping Pelosi and Reid squander almost a trillion on a stimulation attempt that amounted to butkus and yammering on and on to a jobless nation about how we need to trash our current health care system so he and his commie clowns can take over our lives.

I keep saying this, but I mean it more and more every day: I am so-o-o-o-o-o over this idiot.

A pause to remember..

..when there were two decent, kind people who occupied the White House? You know, instead of a narcissistic, vapid incompetent affirmative-action cypher and his obstreperous, arrogant, tone-deaf spouse?

The Biggest Loser

Jennifer Harper notes in her Washinton Times column today that Obama plans to turn his December 2nd speech into a, well, I cannot improve on Jennifer:
Television is sure to be a dither-free zone at 8 p.m. Tuesday night. President Obama will have a monumental stage at West Point and exquisitely selective words at the ready when he delivers his long-awaited Afghanistan policy speech, aka "the Obama off-ramp" in select circles. The "big three" broadcast networks are not their usual compliant selves, however.

CBS has set aside just 30 minutes for the speech, to be followed by re-runs and their annual offering, "The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," where models wander the runway in angel wings and high-priced undergarments. ABC is giving the speech an hour, bumping "A Charlie Brown Christmas" while NBC will broadcast the speech, followed by two hours of "The Biggest Loser."

It's a bonanza for cable news channels. CNN's "Decision Afghanistan" offers almost 12 hours of material - the live speech followed by analysis by Wolf Blitzer, John King, Anderson Cooper and others.

"We're harnessing out global resources," Mr. Blitzer says.

MSNBC offers the live speech followed by specials showcasing Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews.Fox News will offer similar fare with the speech, followed by six hours of special analysis anchored by Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteren.

.."followed by two hours of 'The Biggest Loser.'"

That's rich! A special on Obama's presidency?

OBLIGATORY DIG AT THE POSOTUS NARCISSISM: This clown dilly-dallies for over four months while flouncing off to Copenhagen, promoting failed Democrat gubernatorial candidates, flapping his lips about health care while the economy tanks, boogies in the White House with all kinds of Hollywood trash and party crashers, and can't seem to make up his mind on military policy until now? And then he turns it into yet another photo-op with the troops? Maybe he'll do a chest-bump with some of the cadets.

I am so-o-o-o over this guy.

November 30, 2009

Game on!

The old guy on the left who looks like an itinerant sterno bum -- I wonder if there are any other kind? -- is Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He said yesterday that There is "virtually no possibility" of a few scientists biasing the advice given to governments by the UN's top global warming body, its chair said today.

Hey, old guy, get out your umbrella because the sh*tstorm is only beginning.

I have a programming assignment I have to complete this week, but when I get some time, I am going to take a look at the hacked data and some of the e-mails. Personally, I'd like to get a handle on the sloppy programming that some of those clowns did. (I never did have a high regard for Fortran programmers, anyway.)

If anyone else wants to contribute, offer technical comments and support, etc., the more the merrier.

Private correspondence can be sent to if motivated.

DOUBLE PLUS UPDATE AND COMMON SENSE OBSERVATION: Ed Morrissey, one of the tireless hosts of Hot Air! hosted Kevin McCullough on his noontime show this afternoon and, among the subjects discussed, was this sack of crap CRU stink bomb. It turns out that my challenge/promise/pledge to get into this matter as a concerned private citizen/citizen programmer has been rendered moot because the CRU bozos have revealed that they no longer retained the underlying raw data from which they squeezed, cajoled, manipulated, and otherwise extorted their hocky-stick results:
"The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape — were dumped to save space when the CRU moved to a new building."
The significance of this is rather obvious:
"It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years. "
So, I guess the only thing that is left over are the data that they have crapped upon. So, this scientists' version of "the dog ate my homework" is kinda like like going to an IRS audit without all of the proper receipts. (Here's hoping they get a good stiff term for tax evasion.)

Anyway, Kevin McCullough makes the excellent point that, since they have discarded about two-three decades of raw data and with it their credibility, all of the Warmists should shut their big pie-holes until they amass another two-three decades of data to re-establish their shattered credibility.

..sure am looking forward to Algore sticking a sock in it until 2029, aren't you?

ANOTHER GRATUITOUS UPDATE: Ya gotta see this one. Hat tip to Hot Air!

November 26, 2009

Free Fallin' on Thanksgiving..

This one goes out to the Pantload in the White House, boys and girls, in honor of his RAZ Daily Tracking twin -15s over the last ouple of days. Wonder what Black Friday holds in store?

(By the way, the girls at the pool party in the opening scenes: they wearing Petty-coats?)

UPDATE: After the RAZ DT waked from its turkey-and-stuffing slumber, (four days of torpor) it managed to find that the POSOTUS was at -14 percent. Not bad for a four-day holiday where this idiot did nothing.

"Beyond a disaster.."

Arising early this Thanksgiving morning, I had occasion to check my e-mail and make the rounds when I found my good friend, Cj, over at The Illustrated Conservative came up with a tidbit on Michael Moriarity who gave this assessment of the Obama presidency:
Beyond a disaster!! In light of what Obama swore to at the inauguration – “to uphold the Constitution of the United States” – it’s a grotesque charade, a lie, a black comedy of immensely ominous implications for individual freedom in the world. Obviously Obama will be obliged to claim that at the inauguration the Chief Justice was putting words in his mouth! He never had any real obligation to uphold the silly principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! All the President’s so-called plans and achievements are as forbidding as Chamberlain’s concessions at Munich. But, as we “Drunks” say, “Let go, let God!”
Intrigued, I did some digging and found out that Mr Moriarity is much more of a rock-ribbed conservastive than one would think. He did a fine interview with Alicia Colon over at Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood that closes with this staement:
Alicia Colon: What do you think of Glenn Beck? Have you seen RedEye? What do you think of the grassroots tea parties?

Michael Moriarity: Glenn Beck? A Godsend to America!! The Tea Parties? Long overdue! Red Eye? Very New York! Very Manhattan “Chic”! Very welcome because of its point of view: looking down on those East Coast Progressives who look down on us!!
It is refreshing to hear his words not because I agree with them (and therefore it makes them correct) but because it's nice to hear someone who made his bones in Hollywood express views not constricted by the liberal conformity of the film industry. Why, it makes shows and movies almost watchable again.

Cj also points out that Victoria Jackson - of SNL fame - is a pretty principled conservative as well. Links to several articles, interviews, and pieces can be found on her web site where she holds forth on her political beliefs and her strong Christianity. Both the Breitbart interview of Mr Moriarity and Ms Jackson's articles are worth a visit.

In light of all this and as this stumbling, staggering presidency continues, one wonders if there will be more "conversions" bred by disillusionment. Angelina Jolie who contemplated sipping the Kool-Aid back in October 2008 but since has reportedly come to the conclusion over the course of a year's time that the POSOTUS is "all smoke and mirrors". One speculates if she has been listening to her dad, Jon Voight or it could be just a rumor or mis-reported gossip, but in trendy Hollywood could it become hip to be square?

Perhaps if the box office of the stars who claim to be conservative go through the roof, I'm thinking.

November 25, 2009

November 2010: Hammer of Thor

Every once in a while, one runs across a comment made to an article that hits the mark. The following appeared as a response to an essay on analyzing and discussing the potential for the Democrats to lose seats in the upcoming midterms owing to the sorry state of our economy.

Do ya think?

To be fair, it was an objective analysis factoring in historical events and data to make its point and it was more or less a rebuttal of an article which held that unemployment might not be as big a factors as one is led to believe. But the response below cuts through the analysis and postulations and presents, I believe, an ominous preview of the fate that will descend on politicians in general and liberal, socialistic, unheeding democrats in particular when we finally get access to the voting booths a year from now:
Posted by: No One Important
Nov 25, 07:14 AM

While there is scant data, what data there is clearly shows "it's the economy, stupid."

1 in 5 Americans is now unemployed or under employed.

1 in 7 Americans is now struggling to BUY FOOD. To buy FOOD!

We have VERY little data which correlates to this type of hardship.

And the velocity of news is much faster now. People can obtain news at the speed of light now, and they're no longer stuck with whatever spoon fed media story that is shoved at them.

The diversity now, of both news, and voters, indicates a rising anger in the nation.

We have unprecedented spending on Washington "porky pig" projects, while a nation is burning to the ground economically.

A POTUS who spent a year wasting time barnstorming a nation telling them HC reform was the answer. The nation doesn't believe him, they never did. They wanted to give a new POTUS a chance.

But they watched him blow 3/4s of a trillion dollars on nothing more than bogus public sector garbage, while never even SPEAKING about slashing spending and slashing taxes, in a 71% CONSUMER DRIVEN economy.

Keynesian economics was never going to work in a 71% consumer driven economy. The average voter may not know the theory specifically, but they know it in their gut. They've ALWAYS said it was more important to CUT TAXES AND SPENDING than to increase government bloat.

Even KRUGMAN is advocating tax cuts now!

We have a POTUS who has wasted a year on HC reform, talking about climate change, which the data has now been proven to be bogus.

A congress that takes automatic 4,900 raises, orders goodies for themselves, ups their bugets by 6%, orders planes, rides around in limos. . .ALL ON OUR DIME.

A POTUS hosting Hollywood cocktail parties, having music parties for his kids, NY date nite, golfing non stop, fund raising. . .thinking the terrorists should have civilian trials. . . .

While we're out here STRUGGLING TO FEED OUR CHILDREN. . .

What does the POTUS do? He calls for a worthless JOBS SUMMIT to TALK about how we're on the edge of destitution. Where's the call for action? Where's the demand that the houses drop everything?

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

No demand for immediate action. Nothing. Actions speak louder than words. And Obama is sending a huge message.

An effete latte sippin' liberal big government sycophant out of touch with the nation. (Camille Paglia's description of her Democrat party).

The nation is rendering an opinion on Obama and the Democrats. And it isn't good.

Obama is worse than Carter ever was. The "Carter Syndrome" is setting in. Obama is petrified of it, and he should be.

Look, no one would begrudge the wealthy private sector. But when the private sector has taken OUR money, and lives obscenely, there is a problem. When those in the PUBLIC sector, live obscenely on OUR dime, you DEFINATELY have a problem. . . .

The nation is turning into a powder keg. When you have regular Americans struggling to buy food, STRUGGLING TO BUY FOOD, while the "governing" people live like kings and queens, ON OUR DIME. . .

You have an incendiary situation. An intolerable and unsustainable situation.

They want to whine about the "pitchfork and torch" crowd? Then they should stop acting like ensconced royalty on our dime.

Because the nation will not tolerate this from the Democrats, and Washington.

Not for long.

November 24, 2009

POSOTUS tanking big-time..

As with the earlier post this week, I note that the Pantload-in-Chief  favorable ratings over at Rasmussen are slip-sliding away. Seems the Bowin' Mao-an has hit 45% on the Rasmussen Daily Tracking and his numbers are featured in this Hot Air post.

For the record, the Pac-Man Index is now -3%.

UPDATE: Here's some shocking news about our cratering President Training Pants:
"According to a recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama’s approval ratings have dropped 22 points among White voters from 61% in February ‘09 to 39% presently. OUCH, that’s is going to leave a mark. I am sure the cries of racism will start up once again. However, the fact remains, all are fleeing the SS Obama.

At this rate by the time 2010 midterms are here, major winds of change could be taking place and in 2012 if Obama does not rebound, he could be facing a Democrat Primary challenge.

During the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama garnered a considerable number of the “White” vote; however, The One has all but squandered any chance of every seeing those types of numbers in future elections for himself and his party. Just yesterday, it was reported that Republicans had a 7 point lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot over Democrats and an amazing 44% to 22% among unaffiliated likely voters.

However, the troubles for Obama’s poll numbers go far beyond just “white” voters. The Obamamessiah has seen pretty much every major demographic go negative, many in a big way. The only one Obama had a gain in was blacks, +1.

HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CLOWN ALREADY? The POSOTUS, FLOTUS, and the ORCA (Oprah Winfrey) will be invading our joyous jobless Yuletide Season with an ABC television special.

The way this clown is insinuating himself into our daily television fare (constant addresses, press conferences, roadblocked Sunday morning news shows, etc.) our lives are becoming more and more reminiscent of 1984, the movie.

Please. Just. Go. Away.

Citizen 121701 strikes again

Again, the clandestine frequency clatter to life and I translate an encoded message -- an allegory -- from another of our underground brethren, Citizen 121701:
The Greatest Show on Earth

(Dream sequences # 4 and # 6, interpretation to follow)
At the podium in front of a large tent stood a tall, lanky man with very large ears. The crowd was hushed in eager anticipation of the words he was about to speak. Once the teleprompter began, his speech gushed out like so much honey and each word, like manna, was glued to the next with a pervasive stickiness not unlike those dominating, persuasive voices of mid-20th century Europe.

He was asking people to enter his tent and take a tour, an exploratory journey, to a place where hunger and homelessness were forbidden to exist and egalitarian ideals flawlessly flourished. He heralded this island to be a home where workers were united and individuals unaffected by failure (or success), where fear had been conquered and every need and want one had, from happiness to wealth to long life, was readily available, freely given. With an operating ease found among well-oiled machines, his emotional speech made you tingle first of all, which was most important to him, act secondly, and then, if one found it necessary at all—and they seldom did—to think. The flaps to the front of the tent, which looked like it was being used for the first time, were furled up with an un-blocked mighty, open entrance; the sign above the opening to the tent read—ADMISSION: FREE.

In front of another tent stood a man who was also tall and lanky. His appearance was ghostly and his mannerisms calm. When he spoke, the words—unaided by external cue, plodded out serene and determined but with uncompromising integrity and transparency, like the wake up tones of a clarion. His words were delivered with a matter-of-fact objectivity and without urgency; but they were his words, integrated into him, and they were designed to make you think first, develop an emotional conviction for one thing or the other, next, and then boldly act accordingly.

He began: "Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and under a just God, can not long retain it."

He neither demanded nor urged those he spoke to to enter his tent—a well used tent with holes and splotches of red here and there—but motioned his arm back to let them know it was there and, if they chose, to enter. The flaps to his tent were not locked, merely unfurled, demanding that one choose to open it on their own, with the admission price requiring nothing more than a pledge to liberty and justice for all who would go in. I saw no politicians, no lawyers, and very few teachers among those who stood waiting to get in. Everyone in line could recite the Bill of Rights, which they honored and believed in, as easily as the Ten Commandments, which they made great efforts to honor and obey.

He spoke of our Founding Fathers, their sacrifice, and the peril our nation was facing:

Their’s was the task (and nobly they performed it) to possess themselves, and through themselves, us, of this goodly land; and to uprear upon its hills and its valleys, a political edifice of liberty and equal rights; 'tis ours only, to transmit these, the former, unprofaned by the foot of an invader; the latter, undecayed by the lapse of time and untorn by usurpation, to the latest generation that fate shall permit the world to know. This task of gratitude to our fathers, justice to ourselves, duty to posterity, and love for our species in general, all imperatively require us faithfully to perform. How then shall we perform it? At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge; in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide. I hope I am over wary; but if I am not, there is, even now, something of ill-omen, amongst us. I mean the increasing disregard for law which pervades the country; the growing disposition to substitute the wild and furious passions, in lieu of the sober judgment of Courts; and the worse than savage mobs, for the executive ministers of justice. This disposition is awfully fearful in any community; and that it now exists in ours, though grating to our feelings to admit, it would be a violation of truth, and an insult to our intelligence, to deny. (Bold added by the dreamer.)

One member of the crowd the speaker had attracted shouted he was going to the other tent, as there was no admission at all required, and the perfect life awaited him and his family there.

The speaker, aware of the differences the two tents represented, answered:

"A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half-free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved - I do not expect the house to fall - but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other."

“Right”, continued the dissident as he walked toward the other tent, “what are you going to do about it?”

The tall man turned to him and spoke calmly, every mannerism and gesture, word and gaze, made it seem as if he had trod upon this ground before, as if he was aware that it was those inside his tent, and not himself, that was at the heart of his following comment:

“This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it."

After that, the speaker stepped down and took his place at the back of the line.

Dream Sequence #6
Several evenings after found me among the circus tents once again. There were not so many people milling about and both barkers were gone; I’m sure they had entered their tents by now. This time, there were no colors, only grays, everywhere, grays—sand, ocean, sky, clouds—shades of gray. I didn’t know where the light came from, which way was east or west, so it was either sunrise or sunset.

I walked behind the two large tents and was surprised to see there countless smaller tents of various sizes, each one was either black or white, each had its own sign and that signage was a contrast to an exact sized tent of either white or black. Thus, there was a tent called pro-traditional marriage and one titled pro-gay marriage, another was pro-drugs and its same sized counterpart.

I was about to head to the pro-choice tent to ask why it wasn’t called pro-death, as opposed to the pro-life tent’s sign, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something washed up along the beach; it was a man, face up, and I ran over to see if I could help him.

I recognized him as the man who had voiced contention at the second tent the previous night and carried him to a sandy knoll. I put my jacket over him and waited until he became conscious. Finally, he woke up, thanked me for my help, and told me this story:

“My family and I walked into the tent and got in a line which led, in the distance, to a boat—a ferry. There were many ferries so the line went pretty quickly. As we were nearing the loading plank, we were given our choice of a free t-shirt; one was purple, the other bearing a picture of the seed from one of the mightiest trees on earth.”

“We get on the ferry and off in the distance, surrounded by a peculiar mist, see an island. The boat fills quickly and we depart towards the new land of hope and change we were all promised from the podium. Everyone seems excited but underneath there is an awareness of something we can’t put our finger on. Some of us have learned that to express such words in discussion is not a good idea, especially in the presence of so many purple shirts. Those of us who know this tell the others when they start to discuss their uneasiness.

“We near the dock to the island and the first sign we see, hanging over the pier, is ‘Welcome to the Island of Toys’”.

I stopped him because I vaguely remembered something about the words on that sign. He repeated what the sign read and then went on:

“And everywhere were pictures resembling the barker, and groups of children singing praises to his accomplishments. There was a single line to exit the boat but after passing the first gate, it immediately turned into two lines. Those in the line to the left were grinning and rubbing their hands together, cheering some times, laughing at others—the line led to what looked pretty much like an amusement park; the other line, which I entered because I didn’t feel quite right about being on the island, was quiet and somber. Near the end of the line was a sign, some of the letters of which we could barely make out” and he spelled out what he remembered, “t-h-e g-r-e-a-t--- s-h-o-w -- e-r--. We could see people entering the large building, but could not see an exit. Once in a while, we heard what was like a wail or scream, but the sounds before going into the building and after were distinct, which I can only describe as a resigned hush.”

I asked him how he ended up on the beach, here, back in America.

“As we approached the entry to the building, a few of us decided to hop over the fence and try to escape. Since there was barbed wire at the top, we tore our free shirts in half and used them for gloves. We all went at once as there were guards making sure we stayed in line. We were fired on and I think I’m the only one who made it to the beach. I dove in the water and started swimming, determined to reach the shore. I woke up here.”

When I asked him what happened to his family, he put his hands in his head and began sobbing. “I don’t know…we were separated on the ferry and I don’t know which line they took. I didn’t see them again but I looked for them once I took the line to the right.”

I helped the man rise and turned around. I was shocked to see every tent had collapsed and all were lying flat on the ground, including the two large tents. There was no one around, desolate, a graveyard of black and white tents. We walked to the front of the shiny new tent and looked at the opening, where the sign read ADMISSION: FREE.

I picked up the sign and looked closely at it and showed it to the man. Three letters, barely visible, were rubbed from the end of the sign, they were, d-o-m.

Interpretation of Dream Sequence # 4 and # 6
The United States of America is confronting her darkest hour since the birth of the Republic. Pronounced fear and a subdued self quelling anger permeate every strata of the informed populace; belligerence, contention, and intolerance appear among groups of people who have chosen to take a stand for or against one interest or another; incessant hypocrisy from politicians and bias from the media attacks one’s sanity daily; honesty and trust—from elected citizens as well as each other—is more valuable than gold and just as scarce; respect for the rule of law has been selectively abandoned and selectively enforced; disenfranchisement has become an expected response from our alleged representatives; and, economic frailty has produced a political platform from which to spring the final assault on the decaying remnants of America’s founding government. The time has come, then, when Americans—each and every one, must once again tackle that fundamental question which was soundly addressed and resolved in pre-natal America, namely: From where do human rights originate?

Any other discourse or query—debating the validity or legality of marriage for homosexuals, the climate condition of planet earth, the legalization of drugs, the necessity and extent of animal rights, pro-choice vs. the right to life, etc., seeks to segment the population into endless warring, polarized factions and relentless divisiveness. Pursuing any other question, other than from where our rights come, leads to confusion and unnecessary complexity to that which is simple, yet, as imperative to answer as ever. On the other hand, answering that question places America and Americans into the most fundamental two subsets of the population possible. One can perceive accurately, and without obfuscation, to which group an individual belongs: “us” or “them”, by the manner in which this question is answered. In the future, there will be no neutral tents and will not be allowed as any dictatorship demands, in one way or another, that you are for them, at least outwardly.

Along the lines of “us” or “them” that defines our nature is the parallel that defines our nation. Will we be America or non-America?, that is to say, something other than the Founding Fathers posited via the Constitution. Thus, the answer to the question “Where do our rights come from?”, represented as either God or man, also answers are we to be America or not, respectively. This simplicity is important as it shaves away argument of any kind which is focused on any particular interest of one person, or any group. This is precisely the reasoning that eventually solidified sides—North and South—which then defined America’s first Civil War; it will also define the next one. And although I can tell you this battle will be between the two most powerful ideologies on earth, freedom and slavery, I ponder, how will this war be fought?

There is irony in the fact that the Civil War was waged, for the most part, to end slavery, while the next civil war will seek to avoid re-establishing it, and, is currently being fomented by one whose race was enslaved and now seeks to economically enslave all but an elite few. In anticipation of the next civil war, we would all do well to make an effort to define America into two distinct, opposite voices, for: “freedom” and “non-freedom”. By the way, so there is no confusion or lack of disclosure, I choose freedom. This means I believe my rights do not come from any human—they can be as easily taken, then, but are unalienable, permanent, and originate from God.

There are discussions in a number of states that involve secession. I have read emails which suggest we all stop paying taxes. I believe there are thoughts and sentiments lurking in the background at cocktail and tea parties of those who would seek violence and revolution to have our voices addressed. And even though there are problems that should be resolved without the use of the sword, wars have taught us there are those which can’t be solved without them. I would like to remind Ron Bloom, Obama’s Manufacturing Czar, that while he may be right in quoting Chairman Mao that “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”, so does freedom.

Arguments for or against, say, gay marriage as a right have become terribly unappealing and trivial when compared with the vanishing right to express those arguments. Groups from one particular ideology or other no longer seek debate, they seek domination and imposition of their point of view. To do so requires, in their minds anyway, the destruction of opposing voices using tactics familiar to those from another era, another country—Germany, for example, from the 30’s and early 40’s—today, Chavez in Venezuela. What they are missing while sanctifying their ideology and vilifying the voices of those who oppose theirs, is that the very voice they seek to shut down will be their own.

The whim of a few will become the burden of many. Such is the way of kings and would be dictators. So it is thus as I heard one political candidate express recently: “our children and grandchildren will be enslaved to serve their children and grandchildren.” This becomes blatantly true, once you have answered the fundamental question, us or them? Freedom or slavery?

When considering an answer to “Where do our rights come from?”, it becomes the most difficult question a person can answer, as, it is the same as this question: Am I willing to die to be free? Now, I may be either enthusiastic or apathetic about one particular subject matter or another, but none will stand that test. This is about as black and white as you can get. I may be vehemently against marriage for homosexuals, but would not be willing to die for this position. I need a bigger tent. However, I would be willing to do so if it meant those in favor of it would be allowed to express that view without fear of personal and physical reprisal. I have often pondered if the reverse would be true. Would the cowards, aka bullies, at SEIU and Acorn be willing to arm themselves in pursuit of continued policies of slavery now embraced in this country? Maybe, but knowing bullies, doubtful. I recall Obama saying that “…we’re not stupid, we bring guns to a knife fight,”. Yes, but will they bring guns to a gun fight?

Yes, but would they even show up at a gun fight?

Those who founded this country and the freedom it represents, were willing to die to do so; are those of us who believe in these vanishing principles willing to die to keep them?

America is becoming an island resembling the Island of Toys, aka Pleasure Island which Pinocchio visited briefly. After a time on the island of no school and no rules—nothing but pleasure, the boys who went there turned into jackasses—symbolic of stupidity and ignorance. They would eventually labor timelessly for the greedy and ruthless coachman. Our fundamental educational system is one of self indulgence all the while asking that others sacrifice for the common good. Our current education system is also one which the political elite desire, and the general populace deserves. Higher education, which has an allegiance to the king, fosters stupidity, and promotes an in-bred, lop-sided ignorance—not knowledge or wisdom, in the bullies it produces—cowards, who hide behind electronic gadgets to spew venom and not legitimate discourse or compassionate thought; cowards who hide behind a television camera and spew lies and distortions equalling those of the Tass news agency; cowards who say things in front of a camera on talk shows and steps of the Capitol, knowing they will never have to be accountable for the nonsense they utter, much less the things they do. Eric Holder, the Attorney General for the United States, may well have gotten the following observation correct: “We are a nation of cowards,” although, for the wrong reason. Stupidity and cowardice is a deadly combination for the health of a democracy which was designed to breath life into this, our Republic. Our education system raises people within the borders of the new tent and in blindness, are unaware of the old one; our youth are being trained so that they can not viscerally understand freedom. In most Americans understanding, it is not this way.

My liberty and rights come from no man or woman. This includes Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and most especially, Barack Obama. This also includes any body of people in some institution currently known as Congress. Once freedom has been conceptualized, earned, and internalized, it can not be taken away, it can only be given up. Incarceration neither interrupts nor destroys my freedom. My decision to be free remains, unless I relinquish it or until I die. Others think differently, although they would like me to believe otherwise, all the while attempting to superimpose their will upon mine. To some extent, they get away with it, but only because I choose to let them. That time is rapidly coming to an end.

As Congress continues to ignore the people while seeking power entrenchment, there is no place for neutrality concerning freedom. With continued aggravation and grievance, I believe we will indeed have to meet, eventually, on the field of battle and not the battlefield of ideas, which has been usurped and laid fallow by ideological bullies and moral depravity, along with its laws once planted and growing gloriously within it. This war will be to end slavery, between us and them. If there is no us, then it will be against me and them. And please pay attention, Americans one and all, the people we saw in the streets of Tehran earlier this year may well be a mirror to our own future after the U.S. elections of November 2010.

The price of one tent is liberty, the other, the absence of it. Us or them, it’s time to choose and decide which tent we belong in as well as those who belong in the other. Eventually, our country will become all one thing or all the other.

Citizen 121701

November 23, 2009

The Geography of a Recession

Here is potentially one of those iconic images that may haunt the POSOTUS and the Democrats over the next eleven months. It is an evolving map showing the creeping cancer of unemployment since January 2007, the deterioration of our economy since Pelosi and her crew took over in January 2007.

Head over to the link and see how we have fared under their tender mercies. It is my fervent hope that this site remains and is updated through 2010..

..and even into 2012.

Walking Eagle

From a recent Agent Ruth communique:
President BARACK OBAMA was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation two weeks ago in upstate New York . He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for increasing every Native American’s present standard of living. He referred to his time as a U.S. Senator and how he had voted for every Native American issue that came to the floor of the Senate.

Although President Obama was vague about the details of his plans, he seemed most enthusiastic and spoke eloquently about his ideas for helping his “red sisters and brothers.” At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented Obama with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, “Walking Eagle.” The proud President then departed in his motorcade to a fundraiser, waving to the crowds.

A news reporter later asked the group of chiefs how they came to select the new name they had given to the President.

They explained that “Walking Eagle” is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.
Dunno if this will "snopes out" but it sure as hell is funny..

..and appropriate!

UPDATE: Sadly, this is reported on as false. But, what the hell, if CBS can do somehting like this with respect to Bush's ANG service, why not post something like this?

OTF: POSOTUS now in new territory

Scott Rasmussen's daily tracking has Obama back at -13 in the "strongly" category. I observed in an earlier, not-so-scientific post that the Pantload-in-Chief was slipping out to the outer orbits like an errant electron.

At first he dwealt in the low-single-digit region then the high single-digit-region. Now his numbers are consistently -10 to -13 and cycle between those two limits consistently.

Take a look at that link (it's posted over on the left so you can come back and conveniently check up) and follow the plummeting numbers from the coronation through the current day.

I got my own index going usign Rasmussen's numbers: The Pac-Man index. Basically it is the difference between those who strongly disapprove the POSOTUS versus the total who support him. As of this writing, the number sits at -5 percent.

OTF? Obama Toilet Flush!

November 22, 2009

Hitting on Michelle..

O.K., there's three Michelles out there and two of 'em are good people: Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann.

Just got a communique from agent Ruth that "etnics watchdog group" is going after Michelle Bachmann for her efforts to mount a highly successful ad hoc demonstration in Washington D.C.


ACORN commits voter fraud acts across this land and suborns the establishment of illegal-alien child prostitution in seven out of eight of its offices, and these clowns are looking into how Ms Bachmann used the internet to gin up a demonstration that shined the blowtorch of truth on the healthscare peoples' asses?

Give. Me. A. Break.

Better yet, don't give them a break. Flood the article with comments and seek out and destroy this crap were it exists..

..also, be ready to back her and others who are running in 2010 over cretins like Landrieu, Lincoln, and that idiot sell-out Anh Cao in Louisiana.


Clearly, my anger and vitriol was showing in my last post. No defense for it really except feeling the of futility being rendered irrelevant as our elected representatives continue to ignore our will. I want to say I am sorry for the harsh language and ways I categorized Landrieu and Lincoln..

..wait a minute. Did you get that? "I want to say." You know, the typical lib apology. Well, folks, that's exactly what I meant. And, truth be told, I DO NOT want to apologize.

So, to all of the leftist hand-wringers who pass by here: pound sand.

Anyway, I digress.

As long as we're talking about the subject of futility, let's visit a lovely ray of sunshine just posted over at Hot Air. (I'm too lazy to link it up. You know the drill, the video is above, Hot Air's over there, and there's hunnerts of comments on this thing by now. You do the math.)

But, it's sweet revenge for Sarah. Watch how she gets off the bus to a modest but enthusiastic crowd in Michigan and chats with her admirers, all the while ignoring the poisonous Andrea Mitchell, whose head darts in and out from under the armpit of a security guard like some venomous serpent. Mitchell attempts to extract some comments from her that can be immediately whisked away and posted on some Knee-pad Media outlet as grist for vile, hate-filled, anti-Palin commentary. But Sarah just blows her away in deference to the ordinary folk who thrust everything at her to sign except the kitchen sink.

But she is deftly ignored and treated by Sarah as just one of the folks.

Better than that: marginalized.

One of the great comments over on the Hot Air post: "Sarah is a quitter: she quit answering Mitchell's questions."

Potential infusion of intelligence at this site from Citizen 121701..

Mysterious commentary comes in on a clandestine frequency from Citizen 121701:
"We now live under a different set of rules in America...maybe we will all learn how to play some day. A well deserved purgative blog, [Войска ПВО]; my hat is off to you. And by the way, thank you very much for your service. I am, Citizen 121701."
This was made with respect to my previous puerile bleating about Saturday night. The signal fades in and out, but I will attempt to pull future communiques from Citizen 121701 out of the static and rebroadcast them here if he continues to operate underground and evade the Obama/State Media Thought Police.

And, no, I do no know the significance of the sobriquet.

Stay tuned!

dadadididit didididadah.

dit dit.

November 21, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week: "Here it is Saturday night..

..and I ain't got nobody.."

Color me pissed!

Don't really have anything important or earth-shaking to say; I just marvel how our elected congress can ignore the will of the people so thoroughly and crawl inexorably towards usurping 1/6th of this economy to sate their own lust for power.

At every turn, the evil botoxed witch crone finagled, cajoled, and twisted circumstances to squeeze out just enough votes in the House to get her 1,990-page unconstitutional abortion passed during the dark oscurity of a Saturday night.

And, similarly, the old crone from Nevada has done the same -- or at least managed to enable the start of a debate -- on a similar usurpation and vulgar insinuation into the most private part of our lives. And he as done it has done it on a Saturday night as well.

The most insulting aspect of this is how we can't get these assholes to put in a 40-hour week and yet they are paid like princes and princesses and given astounding privileges. The only time they work overtime is when it serves their interests. Doubt me? Just ask Mary Landriue of Louisiana who made off with 100 million bucks for her start for her vote tonight.

Oh sure, she says she won't vote on the final bill if it has a public option, but I'm thinking that Reid will come up with another 100 million for that whore to spread her legs again.

And Lincoln of Arkansas? She's got her sequined knee-pads on and is servicing Reid as we speak.

(I am sorry if the above is offensive but, hey, you want tempered language, go somewhere else. It is far less obscene that what was done to you a few Saturday nights ago and tonight.)

All this started in early August when thousands -- no, millions -- of concerned citizens expressed their worry, anger, resentment, and despair over the potential of what that imbecile buffoon-in-chief, the botox beyotch, and Dingy Harry were beginning to forge. We smugly thought, despite the incredible show of arrogance by our elected representatives at the town hall meetings, that the great health care robbery would not eventuate. It seemed abundantly clear to us that these jerks and jerkettes would not dare to go against such massive demonstrations as those that manifested themselves in D.C. and across the land on September 12th or the ad hoc gathering called for by Michele Bachmann a few weeks ago.

Boy are we dopes!

We got had by these folks like hicks at a carny sideshow.

So, folks, how's it feel bending over and grabbing your ankles?

Frankly, I am not into saying things like, "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

About the only hope I can hold out for is that it will be our turn next year and, if we let them get away with this, we have only ourselves to blame. I will have my sights set on getting rid of Reid and am already backing Danny Tarkanian to send that old bum packing back to Nevada. I don't think we can get rid of Pelousy but maybe we can make her serve out the rest of her congressional term(s) in some menopausal powerless vacuum, a discarded, marginalized, and ignored waste of sagging skin.

Obama? His turn comes in 2012.

UPDATE: Cliff over at ABC updates us on what a Mary Landrieu trick is going for these days. Three hunnert mill is a lot even for a high price hooker. Seems like, despite the millions of federal bailout money heading to Louisiana, they still haven't cleaned all of the garbage out of that state. This broad and that GOP turncoat piece of crap, Anh Cao, still persist.

There's an old joke about texas that needs to be updated: How do you find Louisana? Go East until you smell it and then South until you step in it.