June 15, 2010

End times II..

Well, Mrs War Planner and I are going over to Sports Authority to get me a tent so I can participate in Amateur Radio's Field Day a couple of weeks from now and when i get back I will be busy cleaning out the toilets, the grease traps, and the septic tank out back. So, no, I will not be watching The Pantload deliver his sack-of-sh!t bleatings about how he is noT responsible, how BP's is responsible, how Bush is responsible, and how he really enjoyed the relaxing break from the rigors of non-stop golf by walking on the beaches down at the Gulf, sipping Yellow Snow Cones through a straw..

..but my grumpiness has caused me to wander off course. Let's see, oh yeah! I was talking about the tent and Field Day. Here is a link to an old post -- actually my second as as my former incarnation as Войска ПВО (Voyska PVO) -- and it explains my other obsession besides bagging on The Light-Bringer.

But before I head off with the scrub brush and the Tidy Bowl, I thought I'd get you folks as worked up about screaming assh*ole Democrat congressmen as I am:

..please burn this in your brains along with the other images of these butt-wipes running amok so you can act accordingly in the run-up to November 2nd.

Oh, I almost forgot. If any of you who stop buy happen to be ham radio operators, leave me a comment and say hello.


  1. I accidentally turned it on for a couple minutes as I was looking for the Celtic Game.. Pantload was making some comment about the las 10 years....I guess he was trying to blame Bush!

    Turned it right back off.

  2. ..well, as Billy, the Intern Fondler would say, "I feel your pain.."