June 20, 2010

..to my dad (LtCol W. H. Phinizy Sr, 1915-1992) who flew all of these and who passed on his love of the USAF to me. Thanks, dad. May God bless you and keep your skies clear and your visibility unlimited up there.

W. H. Phinizy Jr., CAPT, USAF
3902nd Support Sqdn
HQ, Strategic Air Command


  1. Oh. Nice post. Prayers for you and your dad.

  2. Opie,

    Thank you; as always, you are a kind, tender voice in this harsh wilderness. I think your children (including the new Bruin) are very lucky indeed.

    That said, the post on the young male model was rather rather mean-spirited on my part. I just wanted to play on the male model aspect and, of course, the by Right Said Fred. This kid's death is believed to be a suicide over losing his girl friend. know how traumatic falling out of love is but very tragic when the future this young man had in front of him. I pulled the post today. I hope this young man finds peace.