June 19, 2010

Livin' Large..Obama Big F[rea]king Deal style..

Scooter, The Pantload, Skippy, Chimpy the Kenyan, or what ever your favorite sobriquet is for him, you gotta admit that this clown sure likes to live large. According to a Political Hotsheet article (hat tip to Drudge), Obama blew between $500,000 and a cool million yesterday on a ten minute speech:

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Trumpeting the 10,000th road project funded by his Recovery Act, President Obama borrowed two of three words made famous in March by Vice President Biden.

This is a "big....deal," said Mr. Obama, pausing for effect between the two words between which Biden had inserted an expletive in an overheard whisper three months ago.

"Today I return to Columbus to mark a milestone on the road to recovery," the president said. "That's worth a big round of applause."

The White House staged the event here in the political battleground of Ohio, where Democrats face tough congressional races this fall, including a fight to win the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Republican George Voinovich.

Flanked by construction workers in helmets and yellow safety vests, Mr. Obama tried to score political points via the many jobs programs funded by the Recovery Act.

"More than 100,000 Ohioans are at work today as a result of these steps," he said.

Of course, there's always the GOP members of Congress ready to throw the mandatory bucket of cold water on Skippy's little tonsil parties:

House GOP Leader John Boehner, who represents Ohio's 8th Congressional District, said the administration's stimulus program has fallen short of its promises. He cited new numbers from the Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services that showed the state's unemployment rate "remained above 10 percent for the 14th consecutive month in May:"

And there's always the uncomfortable fact that, in scheduling this pathetic display of bravado, they can't seem to avoid stepping in it. It seems that construction workers (presumably not the paltry few in the picture) were told to take the day off -- without pay -- because of the president's visit. According to Michelle Malkin:

The president blows a trillion taxpayer dollars on a “stimulus” sham and yet can’t find a way to make sure a few construction workers still get a couple hundred dollars each to make themselves scarce during his “10,000th stimulus project” showpiece?

Boy, you can't make this stuff up, can you?

The White House yesterday launched a campaign called "Recovery Summer," in conjunction with thousands of new jobs programs funded by the Recovery Act being initiated. But Boehner portrays the campaign as bogus.

"This will be no 'recovery summer' for the more than 100,000 Ohioans who have lost their jobs since the 'stimulus' was enacted," he said in a written statement meant to undermine Mr. Obama's visit.

Left unasked in all this flap, of course, is how many gallons of crude seeped into the Gulf while The Pantload was flapping his lyin' lips in Ohio for ten minutes?

Recovery Summer, John? How about Recover November!

(Credit where credit department: thanks to King's Jester, me, my friend Dave at work, and poster TexEd over at PJM for their generosity in loaning me the use of Obama nicknames for this article.)

CLOSE-THE-LOOP UPDATE: ..oh, I almost forgot. Skippy finished off the trifecta with another -20 percent in the Rasmussen Daily Tracking.

Remember that this is a three-day moving average of the polling done by Rasmussen and today's numbers are the third day since the famous "I have a Scheme" speech by Obama from his Oval Orifice. So, yeah, you could say that people were largely unimpressed by his bloviation.


  1. This is all so true. It got me really mad how he just keeps a spending along, he's worse than the lefferson's movin on up.
    Love all the nicknames. It would be cool to have an alphabetized list for
    easy reference and hilarity. One day I might make one!

    If you're mad about the 10 min photo op, look at the kooky
    kenyan here yucking it up! I hope RNC makes a commercial

  2. You don't mean to say Skippy done lied again?