June 7, 2010

On it from day..er..um..can you just hand me that calendar, sweetie?

From Drudge, it seems that last night The Golden Pantload and his Pantload-ette (looking like a Russian weight-lifter) are taking a break from his harrowing Gulf oil-spill vigil to attend what Matt calls his "..Second Music Party of the Week", a gala at Ford's Theater.

Sent: Sun Jun 06 18:06:32 2010
Subject: pool report #1

Reception in the East Room prior to performance at Ford's Theatre [sic]

Print pool only was ushered into the East Room about 5:20 p.m. where many elegant ladies in long dresses and men in tuxedos were standing sipping drinks and eating small finger food. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood came over to say hello to the pool but the president and first lady were announced before there was any real conversation. A few faces spotted in the crowd, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. John Dingell and his wife.

The president and first lady walked in and gave brief remarks to the crowd, but pooler was unable to actually see them because everyone was standing. We're headed over to Ford's Theatre [sic] shortly and should be able to see then what FLOTUS is wearing.

Obama made the following remarks:

"Tonight is about celebrating the great work of Ford's Theatre [sic] and what it has done to preserve the legacy of presidents and highlight the importance of the arts and education in our lives and the life of our nation. In many ways it's impossible to separate the history of America from the history of its music and its spoken word. Soldiers have sung as they've marched to war and raised their voices again while laying the burden to rest."

Lyrics on a page and voices on a stage have helped make us across generations and across cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. Great leaders including Lincoln himself have drawn inspiration and courage from the arts. And on a personal note, they helped each of us express the joys and hardships of life while bringing us closer to each other."

[Drudge reporting] This is especially true during moments of trial. The president said there have been a lot of trials over the past year and a half. "Now, there are brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast who are going through an incredibly difficult time in the face of a disaster unlike any we've seen of late. I want to emphasize again that we're going to do everything we can in the weeks and months and years ahead to make this right, and everyone here feels the same way."

But tonight, we will celebrate not only music, song, and performances, but also the incredible legacy of Ford's Theatre [sic] and some award recipients who have done some much to help others in this country and around the world."

In the mean time, a few more millions of gallons of oil seeped into the Gulf of Mexico and Paul McCartney -- presumably still changing his Depends -- was unavailable for comment.

("..it's so much better than when I got locked in the lavatory of the Liverpool Public Library for eight years, in'it?")


  1. It's been a tough day and the Golden Pantload (I still love that title) needs to unwind.

  2. Honestly, I wish he'd gone to Indonesia and Australia ...

  3. When gazing upon the FLOTUS gown from behind, one single (and extraordinarily rare) wish came to mind...

    Please. No. Wardrobe. Failure.

    A wardrobe malfunction might have prompted me to wash my brain with Drano to purge the ghastly image...

    Just saying...

  4. Don't you think publishing a picture of Sir Paul and Madam Michelle in the same post is a bit too punishing to your loyal readership?

    Uh huh ... in your heart, you know I'm right.