June 21, 2010

Narcissism squared..

From Michelle Malkin's site and elsewhere throughout the internet:

O.K., so let me ask you, how many times have you seen "Washington Blvd", "Lincoln Ave", "Roosevelt St", or "Kennedy Dr" signs? But have you seen any "Pres Lincoln", "Pres Roosevelt", "Pres Kennedy" signs?

I thought not.

So what's up with this, Scooter? Are you so starved for the public's affection that you need to start getting things named for you already. Maybe you're planning to leave office in six months and just want to make sure that people remember that you were President?

Either way, the few fawning sycophants who will remain after your bony ass is long gone from D.C. will probably steal the sign -- over and over again -- until the folks down in Florida just say, "Screw it! Let's just rename it back to '1st Avenue'" or whatever it was before you insinuated yourself onto the scene.

..or, maybe it will get all loaded up with bullet holes and rock dings.


  1. Yeah, Planner. This guy is a real piece o' work. One for the history books. Too bad I will not be around for history to judge this guy, and that judgement is going to be harsh. Just like Chopper said to Yakky Doodle Dandy before he pounded the fox, 'close yer eyes, little feller. This is gonna be just AWFUL.'

  2. ..you may, Fredd, you may. If he goes into a tailspin and is cast off by the Democrats, he will end up like Carter after Reagan. Also, this jerk is a narcissist and needs adulation and the limelight much more than Clinton ever did. His post presidency (hopefully commencing on 22 January 2013) will be one pathetic attempt after another to insinuate himself into the limelight. In attempting to secure a legacy for himself, other than "the first black president", he'll make Clinton look like a freaking hermit.

    And, if you think his speeches and appearances are causing him to tank now, just think how "so-o-o--o over him" the public will be when we get back to the business of repairing the damage that he and his ass-clowns have done.

    ..just got done watching the Bruins put down TCU 6-3, in Omaha. The pitcher, Cole, had 13 K's and a one hitter going into the 7th when the Frogs reached him for 3 singles and a triple. But the kid bowed his neck and got out of the inning AND came back strong in the 8th with two K's and a ground out. UCLA's off until Friday; resting that awesome staff and waiting..waiting..

  3. "Office of the President Elect".........we had never seen that before, either.
    And it's equally as obnoxious.

  4. Janelle, when I was writing this post, that thought came and fled (at my age a not infrequent occurrence) and I am glad you reminded me of that little shard of this idiot's narcissism.



  5. I gotta be honest - naming the street for EX President O(name redacted to keep with my pledge to never call "Barry" President) is something I'm willing to live with.

    One man's opinion - YMMV...