June 23, 2010

Failure IS an option..

Remembering The Obama Presidency - one failure at a time.

Tim, over at LCR responded to an e-mail I sent wondering if we bloggers should mount an effort to catalog the massive and almost uncountable failures this regime is rolling up. Some administrations go days -- even weeks -- without a hitch in their gitalong. Hell, even Carter's star-crossed presidency saw yawning gaps between their
trips, stumbles, and falls.

An it's-come-to-this digression: I was in the midst of a single malt reverie last night thinking back in a mis-spent early middle age and reminiscing about the soon-to-be 80s under Ronald Reagan and I viddied a flashback to the Carter years. In that instant, I realized that if I had a choice between Carter and Obama, I would take Carter -- hostage crisis, screwing up the military, atrocious (but not disastrous) economic policies, misery index, cardigan-wearing-advocacy, 55-mph speed limits, flailing away at killer rabbits, disco (not Carter's fault), the works -- over the hatchet-assed, bumbling, lying, slimy, leftist, turd-sucking, golf-playing, ass-kicking, oil-spilling, skinny, metrosexual incompetent POTUS we now have.

Anyway, ten years from now, after that a**hole is but a distant memory, we will still be recovering from our hangovers and fighting off the few in the knee-pad media who will make it a project to try to roll the stone away from the tomb and resurrect this piece of crap as the first knee-grow POTUS, with all of the sentimental trappings, distortions, misrepresentations, and historical adjustments, etc.

Anyway, I thought we needed a contemporaneous record of the events that have (mis-)shaped these four years. LCR said it's a good idea but a great start has been made by The Obama Fail Blog and, after looking at it, I tend to agree.I will be linking to this and heartily recommend you stop over and visit. I don't see provisions for comments on the site but -- at second thought -- this is probably a good thing. The author probably wants to post the actual events/articles/viddies and other remnants of the latest screw-up uncluttered by the inane remarks we would be making.

On a similar note, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air! runs his Obamateurism series: one per day of his own nomination and the Sunday edition which he puts up for a public vote (to the catcalls from commentators crying for an "all of the above" option). I regularly dump a remark into the maw about Ed making up a coffee table book from these; something I'd gladly pay for on 21 January 213.

..I just hope The Obama Fail blog can keep up; over the last few days, the regime's clank-ups have been coming two- to three-per-day. Maybe Ed's coffee-table Obamateurism book will be more like a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas by the time 2013 rolls around.

Exit Query: With apologies to Allahpundit, I wonder if, afgter he leaves office, the Pantload will have a shield made up saying "Office of the Ex-President"?

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