June 18, 2010

BP Bulletin..

This is a cheap, shameless plug for a site I stumbled across the other day. Entitled "Scooter's Report", it is ass-kickingly hilarious with some great pics -- almost rivaling those found over on Woodsterman's site.

Scooter's take on the news is -- well -- not exactly in the Paul Harvey school of journalism vein if you catch my drift:


  1. I just found you; I can't decide who's funnier, you or Scooter, who regularly makes me hyperventilate. You are quite smooth, for being so hilarious. Keep it up!

  2. Bearcat,

    My sincere thanks but I must correct your questionable taste: Scooter is *by far* more humorous than I could ever be! (Have you seen his art?)

    By the way, Scooter owes me a ton o' dough from ruined monitors and keyboards (owing to oral liquid spew) and I will present him a bill shortly.

    But you are kind and, of course, always welcome here -- especially with comments. Also, being an M-1 owner (two of 'em, actually), I plan on applying for membership in the RWM.