October 14, 2015

October 5, 2015

The Cunt With No Neck..

You tell me:

..and she is fat as well:


October 1, 2015

They'll release the details of his background..

Surrogate stand-in asshole rage-boy for dickless atheist Oregon shooter.
..as soon as they figure out how to American-ize Achmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: So, it was some disjointed atheist with a grudge against organized religion who was the perp. Mean time, our Beloved Chocolate Jesus puts the blame on where it should be by politicizing it. 

Want the real 4-1-? Just Google "Chicago Weekend Gun Violence" and you get this:
"Eight people were killed and at least 45 people were wounded in shootings between Friday evening and early Monday, making it the second most violent weekend in Chicago this year.

"The only weekend that was worse was July 3-6, when 57 people were shot, seven fatally, according to an analysis of Chicago Tribune data on shootings and homicides.

"When compared with non-holiday weekends, this past weekend was the worst with 53 people shot. The next highest weekends were Aug. 8-10 with 48, May 15-18 with 46, and Aug. 21-24 with 43."
Now Google "Weekend Gun Violence in Detroit" and you get this:
DETROIT - At least seven people were killed in Detroit over the Labor Day weekend.Police say they redeployed manpower Saturday as soon as they saw this spike in violent crime.

But by 11:59 Sunday night, the number of homicides in Detroit was up 5 percent compared to the same time last year.
..Help us to understand this, O Chocolate Jesus, you're our only hope!

Hero Army vet who charged dickless, atheist Oregon rage-boy during shooting

Forget the 26-year-old zero who murdered 10 innocents at Umpqua Community College on Thursday morning.

The one to remember is 30-year-old Chris Mintz, the student and Army vet who was shot at least five times while charging straight at the gunman in an effort to save others.

Mintz did so on the sixth birthday of his son, Tyrik.

“It’s my son’s birthday, it’s my son’s birthday,” he was heard saying as he lay wounded.
O.K. you got a deal. That dickless rage-boy is consigned to the glory hole and may his putrid, festering corpse rot in an unmarked grave somewhere. Our sincere thanks and admiration to Mr Mintz for his selfless act of courage and we thank God that Mr Mintz will get to see his son's NEXT birthday. Also wishing that he sees his son grow into a fine, honorable man like his father is.

"Where do we get such men?"