June 17, 2010

Standing our ground..

Sometimes I weary of the sarcastic, cynical post I am compelled to put up here to attract visitors. I want desperately to go back to what's important. I received a heart-rending e-mail form Robin -- out of the blue -- and was compelled to write in response:

"I liken our effort to that of the patriots who are, for the moment, huddled in the front room cutting patches of linen and melting the pewterware into shot.

Soon the Captain's call will draw us forth into the early dawn, when we must trek down to the town square and stand our place on the common with our brethren -- musket, patch, shot, and power at our side -- awaiting the Redcoat's arrival.

Keep your power dry my brothers and sisters, and waste not this wonderful time to stand up for the principles that made our country strong."

God bless you all and God give you strength in the upcoming fight!


  1. That evoked a powerful and vivid image in my mind, kind of a mixture of 1776 and 2010 overlapping each other.

    Truth and good WILL ultimately prevail over deceit and evil. It's up to us to make sure that we're on the right side.

    "Choose ye this day..."

  2. Hi War Planner. It does get very tiring and one feels wearing fighting all the horrors thrown at us. But I know at the right time, we will gather up strength and fight all these things and emerge stronger and Better!

  3. Gentle lady and Bastiatarian,

    Keep thinking April 19th, 1775; it always works for me.