June 3, 2010

Oh yeah, I'm on this from day one..

..like white on rice..

Here is Mr Golden Pantload, the head tool and all of his other tools (and tool-ettes) at a White House conflab, showing their concern over the BP oil gushing out into the Gulf.

Oh yeah, lot of concern being shown there. The, uh, barf bags are in the bottom drawer over there. Don't be messing up my carpet, old son.

How's that smart, hip hypocrisy workin' out for you, Paulie babes?

(Sorry, I just cannot resist.)


  1. "Sir" Paul has always been full of himself.
    His shipped sailed DECADES ago yet he still believes that he's relevant.

    I can think of a dozen Beatles tunes that would have been better suited to the First Audience besides "Meechelle, my belle ... ". Given his last divorce and Barry's odd relationship with the FLOTUS, perhaps: "Meechelle my hell ... " would have been more appropriate?

    At least Ringo Starr is entertaining -
    "They're gonna put me in the movies,
    They're gonna make a big star outa me.
    The biggest fool that ever hit the Big Time,
    And all I have to do is ... Act Naturally."


  2. ..echo your sentiments and would add that he is also full of something else. I am glad this little event happened because I can replay the videos and torture myself into a blind rage next October when I am walking precincts or making phone bank calls..

    ..and count on that picture of McCartney popping up gratuitously from time to time. I love it! It's so, so, so..him!