November 8, 2017

What [The F**k] Happened!

A year ago today, folks started going to the polls to vote for Donald Trump or the shoo-in, Hillary Clinton. I mean everyone knew that Clinton was going to be the next prez and the FIRST woman POTUS in the history of the Newnited Snakes! foregone conclusion, right? Well, let's revisit that schadenfreude-laden day, shall we?

Wow! I mean, doncha just love that old goat, Bob Schieffer? Here's him today:

More to come..

November 5, 2017

A Roaring Fourth? Hardly!

So it seems that this past Saturday, the Antifa scum wanted to raise the roof, throw a hissy fit, and engage in other dastardly acts to overthrow "The Trump/Pence regime" whatever the cost. But the big push seems to have fizzled out! Below is some Newsweak coverage on the thin turnouts. (No link, you google it.) But somehow it seems that the MSM seeks to turn it against the alt-right and ordinary citizens (see emphasis below) who really didn't give a fricasseed crap about what these cockroaches were up to.

The afternoon of November 4 arrived in midtown Manhattan like any other Saturday. Families breezed in and out of shops and restaurants along Fifth Avenue. Couples chatted on benches in Central Park, enjoying the crisp autumn air. You could easily be forgiven for not knowing that a protest billed Friday by Fox News as the “Antifa Apocalypse” was gathering on the south side of Times Square.

The so-called November 4 protests, which took place in cities across the country today, hosted by a nascent protest group called Refuse Fascism, will likely be remembered more for what they did not look like, than what they did. Far-right conspiracies had morphed the event into a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations. Antifa was going to start a civil war. Antifa-bred supersoldiers were going to behead white people in town squares across the country. These stories were pushed hard by far-right outlets like Alex Jones’ Info Wars and Gateway Pundit, feeding an engine of clickbait to build a mind-blowing but utterly meaningless news story almost entirely out of thin air.

A-f**king-stounding! Is it just me or is the author is engaging in some butt-hurt here.

Party on, Wayne!

November 2, 2017

Classic traffic Stop Meltdown

Is there a problem, officer?

..but, but, but she's driving a Prius!