June 5, 2010

Other persons remembered..

Allahpundit over at Hot Air! has this great post about Helen Thomas supposed apology for the "back to the showers" remark she made about the Jews early yesterday. In illustrating his point -- and for comic relief -- he posted the above snippet of the late Tony Snow making mincemeat of the old hag.

It serves two purposes, really. (1) It shows what a doddering fool she was/is and (2) it allows us to compare and contrast Tony to the current imbecile in The Golden Pantload's administration, the Dilbertesque Robert Gibbs.

I am still numbed by the loss of Johnny Wooden and, seeing Tony Snow skillfully and artfully at work, makes me even more sad that he (Snow) had left us at such a tender age.


  1. WP,

    I just wanted to let you know that I share your outrage over Helen "The Hag" Thomas's anti-Semitic rant and your admiration of Tony Snow.

    Please see the following posts:



    Best regards,

    No Sheeples Here

  2. I miss Tony Snow. Just watching Robert Gibbs try to ummm ummm his way through a press briefing is torture.
    And Helen Thomas is a left wing hack fool.

  3. An intelligent, rational, articulate, and personable man as the White House spokesman. What a concept!