June 16, 2010

Leftist hack hag NYT columnist and broken clock..II

Well, MoDo has done it again; now the Pantload will now have a choice of how to defecate, or load up his pants twice as fast, or become a TWO-POSOTUS..

..o.k., that's it for the scatological comments (for the moment).

But, like I said before, she's right at least twice a day. So, this is MoDo II, served up fresh and hot for your enjoyment:

President Obama’s bloodless quality about people and events, the emotional detachment that his aides said allowed him to see things more clearly, has instead obscured his vision. It has made him unable to understand things quickly on a visceral level and put him on the defensive in this spring of our discontent, failing to understand that Americans are upset that a series of greedy corporations have screwed over the little guy without enough fierce and immediate pushback from the president.

So she wants the diffident one who has spent the last two months bopping with brain-dead, library-less media stars, strutting on Gulf the beaches sucking down [yellow] snow cones, and sashaying around golf courses to show a little more emotion and involvement? Well, that gets kind curious here -- and for a brief instant I wish I had devoted some time to following MoDo -- because I am sure she was/is/will be again one of the leg-tinglers. That is, I remember listening to Imus during the waning years of the Clinton regime and hearing Dowd and some other clown with one of those depressing, middle-class Boston accents, bag on Clinton's flurry of misdeeds -- dress soiling, cohiba-izing interns, and the like -- thinking that the empire was about to crumble.

But, of course it never did and the Mercurial Ms Dowd always snapped back into full-on adulation mode.

That is what will happen here. Mark my words. In the mean time, we'll let time move on and poor little Maureen stay where she is -- until next time.

..keep thinking schadenfreude, I am.


  1. This broad is certifiable if she was expecting normalcy from obummer.
    He & his crazy family are about as normal as a barrel of crazy bedbugs.
    Even his mother in law is nuts, she brought voodoo stuff and had crazy visitors (until it was leaked, and barry told her not to do that).

    I'm happy all the butt kissers are getting mad at their boss now.

  2. >keep thinking schadenfreude

    In that spirit (though a bit off topic), I'll do a shameless plug for my brother's website www.watchpeoplegethurt.com. It's just what the URL says.