June 15, 2010

President Yellow Snow [Cone] Sucker shows his hand..

..so maybe there was a strategy behind the inaction and endless parties, rounds of golf, and boogieing with Paul (the Brain-left Beatle) McCartney. It seems that President Hatchet-Ass and his student-mugging, Democrat buddies in congress REALLY want to enact their precious Crap-and-Tax legislation enacted.

Here is is the dour, plodding Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who while is on the verge of lapsing into terminal somnolence, manages to make several good points and ask some pretty embarrassing questions..

..if your are a snow-cone sucking, golf-ball hitting, do-nothing metro-sexual chief executive:

..I told you I was late to the dance, didn't I?

UPDATE: Before you get too wrapped around the axle with "Mumbles" McConnell (Lord, I am being a little too harsh, aren't I?) go here and here  for a couple of articles where grown-ups tear apart the Skittle-crapping-Unicorn fantasies and the fusillades of pixie dust. They are worthy of your perusal but -- warning! -- do not operate heavy machinery whilst reading.

Son of UPDATE: Scooter waked up; details here; film at eleven!

1 comment:

  1. McConnell asked good questions, although I had to pinch myself to stay awake during the video. Obama did nothing tonight but set up his push for an energy tax. He's more interested in using this "crisis" to promote his agenda than he is to stopping the leak and cleaning up the mess.