June 12, 2010

You Tube Wimps Out

Seems that the copyright people (and other sinister forces) have gotten to You Tube and forced it to pull the "We Con the World" parody put up a couple of weeks ago. Hot Air! dug up another venue for it and I wanted to offer it here as well.

This little ditty goes out with a dedication to the now-departed cynical, garrulous old crone, Helen Thomas who, as we speak, is heating up a can of Scotch Broth on a gas ring in her freezing garret over a fabric shop in a down market section of D.C.

Don't choke on that barley, Helen, you sodden festering piece of excrement.


  1. Yeah, YouTube, you're a joke.

    As for Helen Thomas... I'd have to agree.

  2. WP...I had this posted last week, I had no clue that they brought it down. Typical. Thanks for the heads up, now I am pissed too! but not surprised!