July 23, 2018

Walking Away at Light Speed..

I am up early this morning because..well..I am up early. But also, I am growing more and more excited about the #WalkAway campaign started by the handsome young gay hairdresser, Brandon Straka. While I have been following this for a while, I only now have had the opportunity to comment on it in this blog. But I firmly believe that it is THE MOST INSIDIOUS threat to the Democrats and the left because it is a cancer that is eating away at them from the inside. Here is Mr Straka's eloquent video:

The movement was started about two months ago and is rapidly reaching orbital velocity. Here are some excerpts from a July 1st American Thinker piece on the phenomenon. It is typical of many such articles showing up lately.

While I continue to browse and can gather stats, I base my belief that the #WalkAway movement may reach escape velocity on the same gut feel I got when viewing the comment traffic preceding the 2016 election: there was a massive flood of Pro-Trump traffic versus an absolute paucity of left-leaning, pro-Hillary comments. When the Hillary comments were made, they were assertively and energetically beaten back by a fusillade of responses.

If you go out onto YouTube, you will see a seemingly unending stream of #WalkAway testimonials -- all of them sincere and sometimes heart-rending -- describing the contributors' disillusionment over liberal intractability and viciousness. Most importantly, these videos are made by blacks, Hispanics, gays, women, and even transgenders -- the core types that comprise the bedrock of Dem identity politics.

When I can, I respond to the authors of these videos and tell them that it is not necessary for them to join the Republican Party (for I believe the GOPe to be fully half of the problem in DC) nor is it necessary for them to even become conservative. What is essential, however, is that they keep their beliefs, dreams, opinions, and principals that serve to make America a better country and that they be prepared to discuss them in a kind and genuine manner without the bitterness and rancor and hate of the party or political leaning they have chosen to leave.

I am excited over the prospect of welcoming these people and having all of us grow together as Americans in an effort to making this country great again.

July 22, 2018

Sync ups..