June 13, 2010

Outflanked again?

In researching the impending visit with Margaret Thatcher that Sarah Palin is contemplating, I stumbled across a curiosity. First, concerning the trip, there is wide speculation as to why Palin would undertake such an adventure much of it catty. In particular, the UK's London Daily Mail wastes little ink on actual details of the impending visit but manages to get a couple of 'graphs in about Palins supposedly amplified Bazooms:

Mrs Palin seems to have ditched the staid and formal ‘hockey mom’ image she appeared to favour during her campaign with Republican hopeful John McCain.

Earlier this month she was spotted looking relaxed and in high spirits at the races in New York, with her hair down and wearing a baseball cap, trendy sunglasses, a flimsy T-shirt and jeans.

And there was speculation last week she may have had breast enlargement surgery after she appeared in public wearing a tight-fitting white blouse which showed off her figure.

However, who really gives a flying crap why Sarah is heading over to meet with Thatcher? What I mean is that it may be a move to bolster her already-substantial conservative credentials or it may be an homage -- an expression of affection to one of the two great pillars of conservative politics in the last 30 years -- and a pilgrimage to express her genuine affection towards Lady Thatcher in the twilight of her life.

Whatever the reason, it is a brilliant political move with her usual brilliant timing and economy of effort. The Gulf oil spill is in its 55th day (and counting) and all The Pantload has managed to do is bag on BP, dispatch lawyers to the Gulf to build a case against BP, and warn BP against lawyering up.

His keening, whining "it's not my fault" mantra has even incensed the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to the point where he has told Obama to back off:

Mayor Boris Johnson demanded an end to “anti-British rhetoric, buck-passing and name-calling” after days of scathing criticism directed at BP by the President and other US politicians.

Similar ire has been aroused in other prominent UK luminaries:

Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit branded Mr Obama's conduct 'despicable'. And with the dispute threatening to escalate into a diplomatic row, Mr Johnson also appeared to suggest that David Cameron should step in to defend BP.

So, not only is Palin visiting one of her supposed heroes, she is also making herself available to mend fences and pour oil onto troubled waters if you will excuse a sadly appropriate metahpor.

Like the jabs she -- almost literally -- phones in from her Facebook page, this is yet another brickbat subtly showing all but the most ardent posterior-osculating supporter of this unaccomplished dimwit what feet of clay he has.

I would not have believed that Palin was this adroit had I not read her book. It is recommended that you do the same. Her path to the Governorship -- indeed to her current prominence -- is strewn with the bleaching bones of rivals who mis-underestimated her.

Read it for yourself and see. She has out-foxed, outmaneuvered, and out-flanked many a complacent politician who she now looks at in her rear-view as she whizzes by.

Before I leave off, though, there is one delicious irony in Lord Mayor Boris Johnson's recent cry of anguish. It seems that a scant two years ago, this clown was gushing all over The Lightbringer and "endorsing" him for Prez:

There are all sorts of reasons for hoping that Barack Hussein Obama will be the next president of the United States. He seems highly intelligent. He has an air of courtesy and sincerity. Unlike the current occupant of the White House, he has no difficulty in orally extemporising a series of grammatical English sentences, each containing a main verb.

Unlike his opponent, he visibly incarnates change and hope, at a time when America desperately needs both.

..so Boris -- like Sir Paul "I am a Pantload Too" McCartney -- saw fit to decry the supposed illiterate former White House resident while he sang the praises of the current occupant.

How's that incarnation of change and hope working out for ya', Boris, babes?


  1. You crack me up. We have the same taste in Palin photos. I posted that one myself over at my political blog that I never let get off the ground. That's another life in another time. I found my niche and I'll stick with it.

    Palin wants to meet one of the two great Conservatives of our time. While she's there, maybe she can kick Paul Pantload in the balls.

  2. ..she is very good looking in a wholesome way. And her beauty is intensified by the fact that she drives the libs and airheads up the wall.

    Kick "Libary Man" in the cajones? Impossible! (1) Too well mannered and (2) no cajones in the little fairy.

    She'd probably hose him with an AR-15.

  3. >He seems highly intelligent.

    I've never understood that view of Chairman BaO, nor the view that he is a skilled orator. He has always struck me as a man of rather average intelligence who was able to work the system to acquire some highly superficial book learning. He's a mediocre speaker at best, with or without the teleprompter. (His annoying inflections don't help either.)

    Maybe people have gotten so dumbed down, or so used to the usual vacuum-skulls in D.C. that even a bumbler like BaO seems smart. Or maybe it's just that people's love for their hopey-changey secular savior makes them blind to reality. Either way, BaO is an intellectual gnat.

  4. Bastiatarian, my aged mum thinks the sun emerges every day from this sh!t-wit's a**hole. I'd set her straight, but then there's the matter of a substantial inheritance..

    ..oh, I wish I could be as clueless as the great unwashed 52 percent. Unicorns crapping Skittles and all that.