January 27, 2010

Over and under..

It's come to this. My blogging has lapsed into pasting You Tube videos onto my site. Although they are significant or otherwise interesting, it is nonetheless an abrogation of whatever responsibility a blogger has to whatever followers he or she may acquire. And, if you look at the bottom of the page, you will see that I have acquired what might euphemistically be called a small but rugged band.

And, as long as I am on the subject of egotistical, narcissistic remarks like mine above, check out the video below. Tonight, this ineffectual charlatan who passes himself off as the chief executive of this country and who couldn't chief execute himself out of a portable shitter, gives his first State of the Union speech. (SOTU)

Wow, my little heart is all aflutter. I mean, during normal presidencies (defined as W's and Bill "the finger" Clinton's reigns), I'd take a pass on these bore-fests. You know, what's to tell? It's a speech, fer chrissakes! And it's what's wrong with the inside-the-Beltway crowd, the Sacramento crowd, the Austin crowd, the Albany crowd, and any other crowd of MSM lapdogs, bloggers, and political junkies in general who follow this blather. Too many of the punditocracy in this great land put great stake in what comes out of the flapping lips of those eternal purveyors of Bravo Sierra, those masters of [economic] disaster, those bosses of bloviation: the elected officialdom and their spokes-holes. You know the old saying? After all is said and done, more will be said than done.

That aptly describes why, when these blather-fests eventuate, I tend to catch a few Z's or deplete my Pauli Girl supply and/or search for something more significant on the tube. Like, oh, I don't know, a tractor pull on ESPN or an old I Love Lucy re-run.

Which brings us merrily back to tonight's festivities. I will so not be watching this. Can't stand the upturned, haughty head, the condescending, parsed meter of delivery, the whistling teeth on all sibilant words, and the flapping of blue lips, lying, always lying.

Others, like Stephen Green, the Vodka Pundit, drunken blog speeches, hoping to render himself numb and senseless by the end. (Hint: Steve, you could probably save the two or three fifths you go through and still feel the same deadened sensation. Although, it would not be half as fun.) And you just know somewhere there's a hearty band (cf. above) who gather at someone's home to consume adult beverages and carefully prepared hors'doeuvres and watch their beloved messiah pontificate, hanging on every word.

Yeah, some people are truly pathetic. Maybe there will be an equally doughty band of folks gathered to swill chilled Merlot, eat pork rinds, and throw spitwads at the TV, evincing their enmity for this clown.

And yet again, there will be those who will be hanging on every word with as avid an interest as viewers for the upcoming Super Bowl. It seems that there's an Irish gambler's site offering an incredible array of wagering options, from phrases ("Health care reform" is the 4-1 favorite) to length of the speech (53 minutes) to the color of the tie the Chief Pantload will wear. Laying money off on these makes an otherwise droning Obama tolerable. Me? Personally, I believe that this clown won't wear a tie -- he has eschewed them before with alarming and disquieting regularity -- and that he will use the first person pronouns "I" or "me" and inordinate amount of times.

But, if your up to getting some money down and you can find Paddy O'Sullivan to get some money down, then the video below will help you handicap the upcoming SOTU.


January 26, 2010

January 21, 2010



January 20, 2010

Why the picture of Hillary Clinton in a moment of personal glry for her, you ask? Read on.

As we bask in this moment of sublime victory and watch the truly clueless left utter recriminations in the midst of their circular firing squad over Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts last night, I would like to take this opportunity to call your attention (once again) to the good folks over at Hillbuzz.

They are people of the finest sorts. Kind, noble, and sincere. Also hardworking, earnest, and fellow believers in what is just, what is right, and what is necessary for this country.

They are Democrats -- but Democrats in the noblest sense of the word. They are among those who first detected what a fraud and an evil person our current POSOTUS really is. They are backers and believers in Hillary Clinton and they are true gentlemen in the sense that they were repulsed at her treatment by Obama's bloodthirsty presidential campaign.

They so recoiled at this that they took to bashing the person whom they call Dr Utopia at every opportunity. But in doing that, somewhere along the line, they reset their judgment of the political right. And, in so doing, they wrote some pretty gracious and kind things about people the hysterical left had spent the better part of the last nine years (and counting) demonizing and vilifying: George and Laura Bush, Dick and Lynn Cheney, Sarah Palin, and others. Hell, I'll bet you could even find some kind words for Donald Rumsfeld in their archives somewhere.

They also have gotten behind anyone who has a ghost's chance of forestalling this train wreck of a government we are presently saddled with. While this includes -- strangely enough -- a whole lot of (corrupt, unprincipled) Democrats, there's a lot of the frauds on the right that they wish to consign to the scrap heap in upcoming elections as well.

In other words, these good people over at Hillbuzz are just like you and me: Mister and Mrs John Q. Middle America. They love this country and believe in what it stands for.

The point of this post is that they expended an incredible amount of their time, energy, and one supposes money (as well as forgone income) backing the Scott Brown election effort. Their blog has been, for the last two months, devoted to getting Scott elected -- and that means when he was down by over 30 points to Marcia C[r]oakley. Because of their enthusiasm, my regular visits to their site over this period turned my attitude from one of "wouldn't it be wonderful if.." to "we can do this". They forced me to contribute to Scott Brown and I even turned my hand to a feeble effort at phone banking. For the record, it was bout four calls and, when I got resoundingly enthusiastic responses about how the people were voting for Mr Brown, I figured this effort was in better hands. I mean, with my inability to articulate political points verbally, I might actually dissuade those already committed.

But the truly shocking aspect of the "Hillbuzz Guyz's" motivation for backing Brown?

..they think he's a hunk!

Yep, for those of you who don't already know it, the authors of Hillbuzz are gay men who dwell/work out of the Chicago Boystown district. Aside from their principles, what was driving their support was/is a man crush for the person they refer to as Hottie McAwsome. The have adopted as one of their icons the nude Cosmo center spread that featured Brown back in the 80s.

But, irrespective of their motivation, they worked their buns off to tout Brown and their site produced a lot of record-straightening posts about his and his rival's positions. They did a superb job of deconstructing the elitist hypocrisy that was Coakley's campaign as well as the truly memorable gaffes this women uttered. For me, HillBuzz was Scott Brown Central.

O.K., before I gush on about this, I wanted to make the point that, in all of the recrimination over Coakley's loss, some pretty mean people have been posting some rancid stuff about HillBuzz. They say it best on their web site:
"If you like what we do here, and support our efforts to stand up to the bullies and socialists of the Left who are doing everything they can to silence their opposition, we need your help. The likes of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and Moveon.org have launched assaults against not only this site, but against us personally. Against us as private citizens and individuals. They are costing us work, harassing us at home, making physical threats against us, and doing everything they can to shut us down. All because they do not like that we are stirring our readers up to take action against the Left and what it is up to.

We refuse to give up and be bullied, but the personal attacks on us, as individuals, are so bad we need help to fight them. Anything you can do to support us through this would be life and career-saving. Kos and Moveon.org have George Soros behind them, with all the resources in the world at their disposal. So, clearly, we need all the help we can get. We’ve promised to keep fighting the Left with all that we’ve got, but it’s come to the point where we need serious reinforcements. Anything you can do to help would be a Godsend."

So aside from calling your attention to some truly fine straight shooters, I would like to ask you all to tuck away that URL and visit it from time to time. Filling up their tip jar might be nice.

Standing with them in the event they mount the legal effort against their detractors would be even better.

January 17, 2010

Huge scandal rocks Scott Brown camp! Campaign cratering!

The Mega Independent website blogspace internet thingy reports this astounding trespass by State Senator Scott Brown onto civilized behavior. This embarrassing transgression promises to knock Brown from his lead in the race with former Massachusettes State AG Martha Coakley as the public reels in disgust at Brown's appalling lack of social decorum.

Breaking; more moved as situation warrants.

UPDATE: O.K., so you get it. It's a cleverly written sarc. (The linked web site, not my efforts!) But back on terra firma, sometimes the irony is so thick one could cut it with a knife, he wrote, savaging metaphors. For example, take this quote from The Pantload-inChief during his visit to Massachusettes yesterday:
“‘When you listen closely to what [Brown] has been saying, it’s very clear that he’s going to do exactly the same thing in Washington. So look, forget he ads, everybody can run slick ads. Forget the truck. Everybody can buy a truck,’ Obama said.”
What do they say in terse post comments? Pot, kettle, black?

(Hat tip to Hot Air.)

Войска ПВО to the Pantload re Martha Coakley: Keep raping the poultry!

(Apologies for the profanity, but then, that's the point, isn't it?)

Drudge reports that Big Chief Wee Wee is headed to Massachusettes in a supposed desperate attempt to bail out the potential 60th vote for his healthscare bill. Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air says the polls are settling out and it does not look good for The Pantload and his crew of miserable democrats:
Update II: Reader S averaged the exit-polling data from the 2006 and 2008 races — in which Dems were highly motivated and independents tilted against the GOP — and came up with a 41-18-41 split.   In that best-case turnout model, Brown leads by 4.5 points using the ARG survey responses:

2006-8 Average Model





That’s high-end best-case for Coakley, and she’s still losing.
My Update: As if that isn't bad enough, apparently Mister Big is not getting a lot of love from the crowd either.

January 16, 2010

Triple Witching Hour..

I have had a lot on my plate recently -- work and preparing for a Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) for my USAF Auxiiary squadron -- consequently efforts here have been confined to insipid, "me too" posts and YouTube objects.

But, irrespective of my taskload, thoughts continually turn to the possible miracle occurring in Massachusetts (or is that Massachusettes?) next Tuesday. I could blather on about this, but it's all been said..

..and probably summed up best by the video above.

God bless Scott Brown and the United States of America!

January 8, 2010


..apparently my funk (see previous rag-post down there below the CSN&Y Southern Cross video) was not that far off base. Here is a PSA on TSA. (Hat tip to Hot Air.)


January 7, 2010

The sewer that this country is becoming..

(Note that this is not going to be one of those friendly, happy posts. I have just hit one of those speed bumps that society puts in ordinary, decent peoples' paths and, I mean no disrespect by using a pic from the 1930s classic movie, Gunga Din. I am just in a really bad mood.)
Post holidays, we put our young Marine son on a 3 January 2010 return flight so he could resume his "Lens Licker" class (He has a 2171 MOS -- maintaining and repairing night vision and LAV electronic targeting systems) at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. It was up at Los Angeles International -- LAX is the ICAO. As a sidebar, it will always be called Los Angeles International because if they changed the name, everyone would refer its FAA ICAO as "EX-LAX" and that just would not do.

Anyway, I digress.

We got there at 2030 for a 2130 flight and -- after negotiating a small crowd of orbiters on the departure level, we found a place to park and walked over to the Untied Airlines terminal so he could check in and board the plane. After dealing with the unfriendly, sullen ticket attendants (no "thank you for your service to our contry" here; all biz) who seized his duffel and cast it onto the conveyor, into the baggage maw, and hopefully into the cargo bay of his aircraft, we headed out to the departure gate hoping to sit with him for the last few minutes he'd have in Southern California until this next April.

It was there we hit the line of prospective passengers queuing up to be poked and prodded by the TSA wage slave proles. and, of course, it hit us all simultaneously: only passengers beyond this point, the rest of you can just piss off. So, with a full hour of lonely waiting ahead of him, our PFC bade us as much of a fond goodbye as could be managed by a Marine with hundreds of passengers looking on.

We hugged and his mom and he kissed and he wandered through the gate and disappeared from us for at least three months.

As my bride and I wended our way back to the car, I became increasingly annoyed at how crappy air travel had really become. Sure, I was bummed because I was missing my youngest son. But there was a little more that wrankled me. Somewhere a few miles South of the conjunction of the 710 Freeway, it hit me: Once again good, honest, decent people of this world suffer because of a few assholes.

Camel riding, sheep buggering, rag head assholes, to be exact.

Yeah, I know it's insensitive and and definitely not PC, but -- you know what? I don't give a flying crap. Now, my vitriol (and the previous terms of endearment) do not apply to Muslims who disavow the terrorists in their midst nor to the faithful Muslims who are citizens of this country or otherwise conduct decent, ordinary lives and aren't all wrapped up in this Jihad to translate every infidel into either a brother or sister Muslim convert or decaying flesh.

Just those who think it's the bee's knees stuffing C-4 into their depends and setting it alight when the aircraft is on short final.

These are the ones to whom those slanderous epithets are aimed.

Offend your sensibilities? Well that is just too goddam bad! You have turned air travel and other aspects of our lives into the dismal experience it's become. Our airport waiting /boarding areas now resemble scenes from the old remake of Orwell's 1984. The dreary, gloomy lines in the dimly lit dank halls when a few years ago, the departing passengers and friends and relatives shared some last few earthbound moments together in bright, well-lit, well appointed areas.

Don't think me naive and an infrequent air traveler, but I guess I am like the frog who is sitting in the pan of water and finally -- finally -- realizes that the water has gotten too hot for my comfort. This situation has just gone a little past my tolerance of the bravo sierra we have to put up with at the hands of Usama Bin Laden's minions.

Oh, and while I am at it, a little bit of this grief -- not gratuitously -- should be directed towards Napalitano and her clueless boss. And while we're at it, why not the $12-per-hour cretins who will be manning the inspection devices, ogling our x-rayed personages, and refusing to profile the aforesaid camel-jockeys in order to perpetrate cavity searches on old Swedish grandmothers?

Yeah, this goes out to the whole diversity-riddled, ultra-sensitive, PC crowd who refuse to look at reality and think that their skittle-crapping Unicorn infested world will eventuate if we only play nice with the AQ crowd and prostrate ourselves in front of sheiks and potentates and dictators whose main thrill in life is funding or implementing the means of bringing down the U. S. of A. Yeah, not too charitable today and these ass-clowns are the main reason why.

Oh, and if you don't care for the insensitive, non-PC language, then the forward/backward buttons are up there on your browser's menu. I recommend you use them.

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to the Pantload-in-Chief

For the record, ladies and gents, here are a couple of Raz DT milestones; Obama's inauguration and year end on 12/31/2009:
Raz DT Index: +28
Strongly Approve: 44%
Strongly Disaprove: 16%
Overall Approve: 65%
Overall Disapprove: 30%

Raz DT Index: -18
Strongly Approve: 24%
Strongly Disaprove: 42%
Overall Approve: 46%
Overall Disapprove: 53%

Since his inauguration, he's had a -30 point swing in the index, lost 20 and 19 points in the two approval categories, and gained 26 and 23 points in the two disapproval categories.

To remind people, the Rasmussen "strongly" categories are those in which respondents are motivated to do something about their feelings about Obama. That is, a person who strongly approves will tell friends, proselytize, or volunteer for a campaign or other such effort. Those who strongly disapprove are motivated to tell others about their feelings or work against his re-election.

The daily tracking index is the strongly approve less the strongly disapprove. It was zero for the first time back on June 5th and, in for the month of June is hovered around +1 to +5. On July 6th, it turned negative and Obama has never had his head above water since that date. It started wandering consistently into the negative teens on October 22nd and hit a low of -21 on December 22nd. Interestingly enough (and I will confirm this) it seems that whenever Obama slips out of town on a vacation, his negatives drop.

Out of sight, out of mind?

The strong disapproval numbers seem to steadily rise from his inauguration while the strong approval numbers have been within 24-30% since November 9th. The last time he was above 30% was 32% on November 9th. It seems the cause fluctuations in his index figures is due to the vacillation of support between the strong approval and overall approval categories. His 24% strong approval yesterday was his lowest level to date.

An incident that should happen more often in 2010 is what I call the PacMan index, where the the strong disapproval numbers overtake his overall approval numbers. It has happened once so far, on December 22nd when he had a 46% strong disapproval and a 44% overall approval. That must be truly a catastrophic situation for such a narcissistic person as our Chief Pantload. It means he has pissed off more people in this country than like him to any degree.

Only supposition on my part and I will want to analyze these numbers and see if there are any interesting correlations to Obama and his activities that might give a clue to how clueless he is. But, just offhand, I'd say he is on the wrong track.

Oh, and for the record, count me with the 42% who strongly disapprove of this ass-clown.

I would make a New Year's resolution to get a life, but knowing my penchant for looking at numbers and my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, it would be a resolution broken early and often. By the way, a very happy and eventful New Year to you all.  

So we have a lot of things to do before next November; quit fooling around here reading my numeric drivel and get to work!