June 30, 2010

More Sex, Lies, and Videotape..

Well, the lies anyway. No sex or videotape.

In another stunning air-burst of stupidity, The Gold Showered One declares in a talk today that the recovery act worked or is working. But, for one, Allahpundit over at Hot Air! perforates that pretty pink balloon:

Oh, by the way: Not only is it entirely untrue that “every economist who’s looked at it said that the recovery [act] did its job,” but not even every Keynesian who’s looked at said it did its job. Click the image to watch.

Well, the Obama Fail Blog also chimes in with another chink in the armor for the Benighted One.

Now, it seems that the "D" word is being trotted out. Actually, that would be (in honor of the former Mrs War Planner's bra size) the "DD" word:

..and, no, that does not refer to Obama and Biden.


  1. Speaking of "double-dips", how about a double at Silky's before the week's out?


  2. ..sounds like a plan. Let me square away my schedule.