August 30, 2019

Evil Saint!

Posted below was my speculation that the Swedish girl who "sailed" from Plymouth, England to New York City because she wanted to shame those who flew in airplanes actually did the voyage "single-handedly" (alone) and in an eco-friendly fashion. And, while I was prepared to give her a pass (yet condemn the underlying parties who supplied the Zillion-dollar boat, arranged for this propaganda, etc.), I am now prepared to lump her in with those Climatic Nazis because she appears to be a hectoring-harridan-in-the-making; basically a female David Hogg who thinks her childlike ignorance allows her to harp on the climatic conditions without any requisite responsible research.

She will make someone a terrific future ex-wife someday!

Here is Paul Joseph Watson's take on the bitch-in-progress:

Note that it DOES confirm the fact that she did NOT make the voyage alone but was accompanied by adult male crew members. Paul also points out the eco-follies created by this children's crusade, namely she should have sailed to China, India, or Russia, etc. and lectured them first, and they're going to need to fly the current crew back and another crew over to sail the boat back. Also, maybe she should spend time lecturing the U. N. on the fact that goat-fucking Muzzies are investing her homeland and raping and killing little girls like her.

Shit howdy, when I was a kid, I spent several Summers in Marblehead, Massachusetts sailing and I can tell you it is a terrifying thing when you leave sight of land. (So-called 'blue water' sailing.) I almost got a spot on a SoCal to Hawaii TransPac racing sloop but demurred, so had this girl done this on her own, she could lecture me all she wants. But sitting in a racing yacht with 6-7 unshaven, stinking male sailors is not a challenge.

But since you did not do that and were only a passenger on what amounts to a small luxury cruise ship, this applies:

August 29, 2019

Epic Steynian Rant..preserved for posterity

Just when you put one story to bed, another comes along. Classic Steyn new-asshole-ripping rant. Speaks for itself.

What'll we do with the drunken sailor..

Recently, we were treated to the latest in "Global Warming Climate Change Rising Temps and Oceanic Levels" concern trolling: The 16-year-old who was going to eschew BOAC or SAS and sail her mega-zillion dollar yacht to a U.N. climate change conference and scare-fest in New York. Per the story..

Something about this saga and related tales was unclear. It was implied -- in all of the stories I read -- that the young 16-year-old was going to be sailing single-handedly. I may have missed the details but it now appears that she was squired by several adult male crew members. (See the picture and story above.)

So, where exactly is the eco-challenge of a 16-year-old coming to a conference in the company of other experienced sailors?

Another blog points out the hypocrisy of the underlying trip -- whether crewed by a young girl or older experienced men.

Meanwhile, for the UN Summit on climate in New York, a 16-year-old Swedish girl is making news for her refusal to fly commercial to the event because of the carbon emissions. Instead, the teenager will take a two week trip to New York City aboard a solar powered racing yacht. The tricked out yacht is a sustainable method of transportation — so long as the Earth sustains a 1:1 ratio of billionaires funding electric yachts for hitch hikers to people wanting to travel from Europe to the United States. And the boat travel is super convenient so long as your work allots you four weeks of extra PTO to drift aimlessly through the ocean.

The teen’s extreme commitment to climate change would be admirable, if it wasn’t so stupid and vain. If she truly was concerned about finding an eco-friendly way to participate in a conference in 2019, she’d just teleconference in like a normal person. In a world with Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp, a person who only cared about the environment would opt to push a button on their phone rather than spend two weeks floating in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but saltwater and whale piss.

But while the transport hypocrisy is fun to mock, it is indicative of a bigger problem with these conferences — they come off as a group of rich people, with incredibly high standards of living, telling poor people to lower their already low standard of living for the sake of climate change.

Absolutely correct! If she wanted to protest conditions allegedly responsible for global warming or climate change or whatever you care to call it these days, she could have remained in her "undisclosed location" the U.K. (or from Stockholm for that matter) and written caustic screeds condemning Leonard Di Caprio and the rest of the beautiful people flying their gas-belching private jets to Sicily or New York or Paris to clink glasses of champagne and lecture we mouth-breathing, mirror-fogging proles who grunt and toil for our daily crust.

For we sinning climate-change-deniers, the only way we could wring any more schadenfreude out of this would be if Di Caprio himself ferried the girl back to Stockholm in his private jet.


(..from the famous last line of the original movie, The Longest Yard, as the heretofore assistant warden throws Eddie Albert's tag line back at him with sarcastic derision.)

Unidentified Individual with H&R M-1

I am often lectured by my youngest son, Sho, that I should be happy and shoot what I got. For some time now, however, I fussed and fretted over the prospect of squiring a perfectly legal AR-15 into the realm of the modern day relatively gun-free liberal paradise called California. Not to relive the misery, but the descent into the panty-wearing safe space now run by governor Gavin Nuisance included classifying the sporting model of the famous Viet Nam era M-16 battle rifle into a "featureless", neutered firearm acceptable to the soy bois of this sate. It involved the removal or change of the following lethal features of the AR-15:

    o Pistol grips
    o Forward pistol grips
    o Thumbhole stocks
    o Telescoping or collapsible stocks
    o Threaded barrels, flash suppressors or silencers
    o Barrel shrouds
    o Grenade or flare launchers

..and just when I was perfecting my grenade launching techniques, along with the art of the collapsing stock butt stroke, too! But California declared all owners of AR-15s with those features and a heretofore legal detachable 10-round magazine de facto felons. So we are offered the opportunity of registering the rifle with the state of California as an assault weapon or neutering it to comply with the newer-than-new SJW, PC safe space rules. And I would be glad to obey had my AR-15 not been swept overboard off the end of the Huntington Beach pier in a tragic boating accident a couple of Summers ago.

Oh, woe is me! Mine had been assembled with the look of the nearly-classic Viet Nam/post-Viet Nam rifles; I intensely dislike the Flash Gordon ray gun look of the modern plastic toys that the bearded, tatt'ed adolescents dragged to the ranges these days. The collapsing stock and other appurtenances made an otherwise handsome battle rifle into some weapon out of a drug-fueled dystopian nightmare. All I wanted was a simple, classic M-16 look.

I could even deal with the 10-round mag limit as long as the A2 stock and simple lines were intact. I thought that surely there was a way to achieve that "graceful" appearance with some ingenuity. But I guess I was wrong. After-market compliance produced nightmares like this..


So, I went back to the drawing boards and tried to rethink the whole thing and it was while I was on a visit to a local firearm emporium that I saw an M-14 being offered. I asked the salesperson about that and was told that the M-14 was compliant and could be sold in California -- so long as it had a 10-round mag. So that got me to thinking about what I did have already: two classic M-1 Garands and these were perfectly compliant with the modern "safe-space" rules of this waxing-commie paradise.

One was an H&R I bought from the CMP sight unseen through their mail order sales. It was a classic "mixmaster" (as Garand collectors call them) having an H&R bolt and trigger assembly and a Springfield op rod and other components from other M-1 contractors. Basically, it was a rifle originally made around 1954 or so that had been issued and then, after use for a couple of years, went back in to be rebuilt with whatever came out of the parts bins of the army contractor at the time. But, collectors' criteria aside, it was exactly what I wanted: an authentic battle rifle of the World War II and Korean War era and beyond. It shot well and had some interesting cartouches (stamps) on it.

The other rifle -- a Greek repatriation -- was a Springfield M-1 built around 1954 as well and loaned out to the Greek military before it was eventually returned to the U. S, Army. It had a shot-out barrel and the stock was dog meat. (Ironically, it even had a peace symbol carved into the stock; guessing that the Greek army had a lax sense of discipline and wry sense of humor at the time.)

The Springfield was sent to Dean's Gun Works in Tennessee and re-barrelled and given a new stock. Basically, it's a beaut.

So, who needs a tricked out AR-15 when one has two of these that are perfectly marvelous to shoot and are imbued with history and tradition? You know, like George Patton described them:

Another irony is that, when the CMP was being re-authorized by Congress back in the 60s some time, they had a few on display in the well of the Senate chamber and Ted Kennedy (The Lyin' of the Senate) strode down to make a speech, picked one up and, brandishing it, said that he would vote for the bill because he did not see too many liquor stores being knocked over with M-1s.

With ringing endorsements like that, how can one go wrong?

August 28, 2019

Spare change..

Yo, Adrian!

"Bernie versus the Bag" moves center stage in the nascent political campaign of 2020.

Clearly, he's no Rocky on the speed bag. Maybe he needs some inspiration..

Whatevs. This will go into the pantheon of famous POTUS and campaign gaff shots, however.

..I could go on.

August 27, 2019

"All that glisters is not gold.."

..and the same goes for cocoa. Here is the equivalent of my -- as a child -- biting into baking chocolate. This is just too precious!

"But, officer.."

How will judges NOT refuse arguments from those receiving tickets for parking in these slots with the ambiguous signs?

Scott Adams Speaks About China..

Yo! Listen up, y'all!

August 24, 2019

Stop it! The stupidity hurts..

She's at it again..compounding her idiocy after that asshole flyover tweet..

..only appropriate response..

August 23, 2019

Joltin' Joe Meltdown Test

Just when it was safe to go back in the water again..'s getting really, really, bad, yo!

August 22, 2019

Cheesed Off Danish

The Danish PM continued..

“I’d like to say that I am, of course, both disappointed and surprised that the American president has cancelled his state visit,” Frederiksen told press in Copenhagen on Wednesday afternoon. “Like many others, I was looking forward to the visit. We were full speed ahead with preparations.”

"..I guess I will have to learn not to run my mouth when a POTUS wants to visit and offer us significant opportunity to safeguard both our [alleged] territories and muzzy-infested homeland."

"Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go to the little Prime Minister's Room so I can apply a large amount of butt-hurt cream to my huge Danish ass!" Crapifornia

Hoovervilles is what they used to call them. Tent cities, encampments, etc., where folks who have no means of support tend to settle. But why?

It seems to be all the rage all over California; the new fad just like surfing was many decades ago. Folks heading West to become part of the great California Democrat Wet Dream.

Even the KOMO folks from Seattle are in on the act; they say it's much worse here -- and they should know.

We had them down along the Santa Ana River Trail from Anaheim above Angel's stadium down to the ocean near Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach -- until the cities moved them out at least.

When they are evicted, kindly note in the video below the fact that they are offered beds, storage, and facilities but many say they will not avail themselves of this because "some things are not allowed". I guess we are talking drugs mostly. They choose instead to migrate up to the encampment near Anaheim stadium -- which will also be uprooted soon as well.

What flummoxes me -- and I do not wish to be a Scrooge here -- is that they remain in a homeless condition. I had a conversation with a person on the Santa Ana River trail a while ago and he told me life was just great.

"They roll in Porta-Sans™ and once a week we have shower facilities. The nearby churches and other organizations bring over food almost daily and we have a nice river-front location. I am on a monthly dole so my basic expenses are zilch with enough left over to afford the drugs I need.

Well, I guess that answers my next question about them considering the $25 an hour jobs in the North Dakota or Texas oil industry (or peripheral businesses) when you can live the life in California.

August 21, 2019

THE DNC FIX IS IN..yet again..

Probably of little interest because it deals with the "candidates" swimming down near the bottom of the pond, but it appears that the DNC is stirring the pot and fixing the race for their choices yet again. Quelle surprise, as the frogs say.

The bad news take-away from this is that it seems those nauseating bottom-dwellers -- Bet-Toe, "Asparagus" Booker, and some other soon-to-be-has-beens -- are being waved on through to the next round where they can spill their inane rhetoric and illogic into the living rooms of the nation while the one candidate who keeps them honest by posing devastating arguments and asking embarrassing questions is being given the hook.

Not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard but a fan of her ability to keep this DNC shit show real; I would like to see the other idiots have to squirm and stumble and bumble in an effort to square the circle of their preposterous bleatings versus her logic.

August 20, 2019

August 18, 2019

Snyper77 says it's getting heavy..

And I have no reason to doubt him. Referred by a Weasel Zipper compatriot, Snyper77, the cold civil war appears to be heating up.

..and here is an ominous follow up:

While I understand the gist of this, I have not had time to dissect it all properly. It is sufficient that Snyper77 directs me (and you) to disseminate this as widely as possible

Razorfist on Deplatforming

..good things will not follow.

Sunday Paunch..

Ahhhhhhhh! Sunday morning..

..out West, here behind the Velveteen Curtain and one settles into "watching" (i.e., TV on, running in the background) as the Sunday mornings shows drone on, picking apart supposedly black-and-white issues (BDS, AntiFa domestic terrorists, obligatory Epstein intrigue, HK protests) an and assigning them to 50 shades of grey.


One also notes with humor, the lib's attempt to rekindle Camelot with Chapstick™ Man. Good luck with that!

But then one notes that the NFL is starting it's antics again -- pre-season even.

..but one is overtaken with a joyous lassitude as one reaches out for the television remote. One's Fall Sundays will be one's own to share with family and friends.

..f**king A right, bubba! Time for action!

August 16, 2019

Scrooch da Mooch..

Well, it seems that Lawyer Cohen now has a wing man. Anthony Scaramucci, who was Trump's something-or-other for eleven days before he was ejected unceremoniously for running his mouth, is turning on his former short-term boss because Trump took out his FNS contributorship livelihood as "Trump expert with a well-timed tweet.

Yeah, right, this'll stick! Between his firing and his rantings on Vanity Fair (always hungry for blood and bile on Trump) there's plenty of video of him on Justice Jeanine's show tongue-bathing the POTUS's posterior. Compare and contrast the remarks above re Trump dropping out by March 2020 versus his saying that Trump will be fresh and ready.

Pass the vomit bag, please!

Gimme your guns!


Here we go again! The retards in Congress are at it yet again, wishing to contravene the Constitution and the inalienable rights of citizens.

This is supposedly to placate the masses of unhinged gun-grabbers abroad in this land.

However, it is a dubious proposition as it will NOT pass the House nor make it through the Senate. And even if it does pass, can you imagine the constitutionality of it's implementation? How will it be enforced? Will armed police or ATF agents be going door to door and confiscating any semi-automatic firearms? How about that Ruger 10-22 that you and your son go plinking with? How about the MILLIONS of semi-automatic sporting rifles? Or the MILLIONS of Glock, M1811A, Baretta, or CZ handguns? Is a revolver a semi-automatic weapon?

How about "gun buy-backs"? Did we buy our firearms from you in the first place? Are you going to buy back firearms with OUR OWN TAX MONEY? How much will you pay me for my M-1 Garand? How about my best friend's WWII collectable M-1 Carbine? A $50 Walmart gift card? How very generous of you?

I'll bet that your ultimate law will be well-thought out and will address all of those fine points

But, go ahead and virtue signal away, o ye reps in deep purple districts. You will have handed YET ONE MORE ISSUE for your Trump-supporting opponent to shove back in your face!

August 15, 2019

Where the F**k is Franconia? UPDATE!


Trump is packing 'em in at SNHU (in New Hampshire) as almost per usual but there was a slight hitch. It seems that there were actually empty seats inside the venue..


..and the Dick Rats were trying to tweet that out as a sign of a Trump fade-nolia. But, in point of fact, there were also a suspiciously large crowd standing outside of the arena watching on the jumbo-trons. The estimates put it at 12,000 inside and approximately the same outside. Further, some strange shenanigans went on with the facilities people; it was reported that they started shutting out the ingress of folks a little early thus stranding the mob outside.

So we're into crowd-comparisons and it's about one year before the actual POTUS campaigning starts. Well, bring it on because there's a lot of apples to be compared with a lot of oranges. It seems to me that crowds has been an issue with the Dick Rat Pack so far. Biden supposedly opened up to a crowd of 6,000 in Philly but has been playing to off-broadway-sized crowds since then. Even his debut was questionable.

Last Saturday, when Biden held a rally for his headquarters' opening in Philadelphia, his campaign estimated the crowd size was 6,000 — a count that some local observers thought might be generous. One local elected Democrat who supports Biden privately told POLITICO the rally was smaller and less energetic than expected.

The event fell far short of the size his surrogates predicted in one of the nation’s largest Democratic cities. Just before Biden formally announced his candidacy last month, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who helped organize a fundraiser for Biden, had loftier expectations.

“He’s enormously popular here,” Rendell, a former Philadelphia mayor, said in a late April interview. “We could get tens and tens of thousands of people...For one rally, I think we could do that.”

I remember him lethargically speaking to groups in venues that looked like half-filled gymnasiums and janitors' closets, to be perfectly honest.

But that's not the crux of the problem. It seems that Biden is the FRINO (Front-Runner-In-Name-Only) and "Lying Squaw" Warren and Kamelnoze Hairyass are the true crowd magnets and it is said that others down the list will draw bigger than Biden if they are the nominee. To be sure, Dirge is sure as shit beating that Injun's drums.

Well, we have a long way to go and, it would seem that she's got some work to do to amp her pathetic 700 up to Trump's 12,000 inside the building or even his 11,000 outside the building.

And, besides, where the f**k is Franconia anyway?

Dick Rat Derby: thinning the herd II..

I thought I'd revisit the criteria to see how long we will be plagued by the annoying bleatings of the likes of Beto[ff] O'Shitbag and Corey "Asparagus" Booker. Sadly, there is no light at the end of this tunnel.

Beto[ff] is like that unsightly scum that forms around the base of your crapper and we might be seeing him and Asparagus and a few of the low-hanging around for one or two more debates. It seems that the Dem qualifications for the next two or three debates are so loosely drawn that there are a number of ways to qualify and a lot of this riff raff will make it through the doors to spout their inane "Free Shit" babel at the mouth-breathing proles that the debate hosts Hoover up off the streets of the cities where this foolishness is held. Here is the end of a long trail I sniffed; it is the most concise summary of the new qualification rules I could find..

..and here are the RCP accumulation of polls for the period between June 28th and August 28th thus far.

Without analyzing this too much in detail, an entrant will need to have both four qualifying polls in the two month period (June 28 through August 28) and sufficient donors in 20 states. Looking at the polls above, I am surprised that CNN or the other specified polling agencies do not have more results toted up by RCP. As it stands (and I am not at all sure this is a totality of polling), some might be in trouble but anyone with at least 2% in four polls over the period are in.

Well, there's a lot more scrutiny that can be done but I will not waste my time. (My head is beginning to throb.) Suffice to say that it will be like turning over a moss-covered rock: the slimy crawly things will be found to be wriggling and squirming their little asses off in the sunlight.

I am very certain that, come February 2020, this little turd will be far back in the rearview and in the septic tank of history.