June 12, 2010

New viddy venue in town, podnuh..

As noted below, eyeblast stepped up and re-hosted the "We Con the world" satire. Seems like they might be viable competition to You Tube in this arena and one should make it a point to check them out.

Here is a slice of the Hannity show where Carly Fiorina apologizes to Sean about the open mic remarks she made regarding Meg Whitman appearing on his show immediately after her primary victory. Personally, I do not believe an apology is necessary because it seemed like Carly's remarks were in respect to the electorate Whitman would have to face versus Jerry, "My hair was so yesterday" Brown.I mean, she had already won over the majority of the conservative vote in California; now she needs the moderate and independent (and Democrat) vote to beat Brown.

But Carly makes a clean breast of it (presumably without implants, Reuters and Newsweek) and does really well. Forget the "clean breast" remarks; Carly is a cancer survivor and I let my lips flap. Hope she doesn't come down here and kick my ass.

I favored DeVore but I am growing more and more to like her. As I have said in earlier posts, I will be working for her campaign as as my pathetic effort to see that the revolution that is supposed to sweep this country in November comes to fruition.

I am starting to like her a whole lot.

Besides, she's got a good head on her shoulders and -- as a cancer survivor -- looks far better than "Box-a-Rocks" Boxer ever looked.

"On February 20, 2009 Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery at Stanford Hospital on March 2, 2009 followed by chemotherapy, which caused her to lose her hair, and radiation therapy. She has been given 'an excellent prognosis for a full recovery.' Upon announcing her campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer, Fiorina stated 'I have to say that after chemotherapy, Barbara Boxer just isn't that scary anymore.'"

GRATUITOUS PARTING COMMENT: By the way, and for the record, I hate it when you snipe these videos from places like CNN, etc. and they come bundled with those odious spots on the front end. I know, I know, it's part of capitalism and I do not blame them for it. But it was like they used to do on the old video tapes (Disney was the worst culprit) and now DVDs you rent. At least with the old VHS tapes, you could fast forward past the commercials and the previews to the main feature.

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