November 18, 2015

It's a start..

To be clear, there is a large portion of The R. O. P. Goat herder crowd that don't terrorize. Otherwise, as amended, this Canuck certainly has a good Idea. Just needs a little work:

November 16, 2015

Marcus Luttrell on Guns

I happened to be watching the clown show that is usually Hannity and, out of all of the detritus and old-guy ED meds, this appeared:

What a shock and so welcome in the wake of what the ROP Fuckheads did in Paris. It's part of a series that the NRA is putting out and I for one am glad my dues are being spent on PSAs like this.

Oh, and while we're at it, how about a tally of weekend violence in President Chocolate Diapers' home town:

..yessir! Two genuine heroes here: Marcus Luttrell and Colion Noir.

November 13, 2015


Ordinarily, it is easy to slam the French as Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys and Frogs and a Nation of Lucky Pierres but today, I cannot seem to bring myself to that level of cynicism. I pray for the victims of this latest ISIS/Goat Fucker obscenity and hope fervently that the dead perpetrators of these Parisian misdeeds are only now awakening to find that their idea of Mooz-lem paradise was a fiction and that they are in Christian Hell with their testicles being roasted over a brazier of white hot coals.

Oh yeah, and here's to our Dickless Pharaoh who is leading this parade. I'd become a Russian citizen except I don't like Vodka.


#BlackLivesMatter #1

..just sayin'.


November 11, 2015

Google me with a Spoon

Are you getting as nauseated with the cutesie-pie bastardizations of the Google trademark that appear on their search site on a daily basis as I am.

I mean these Eurocommie assholes celebrate everything in their own way and have a way of "Disney-fying" reality into a world of cartoon characters.

This is just a short rant and I want to tread carefully her with this peremptory disclaimer:

I am proud to be a veteran of the armed services and I am proud to have served with every man and woman who has or are presently wearing the uniform of you country -- and, of course, this includes those of ANY race, color, religion, or creed. If they are brave enough to put up their right hand and swear a blood oath to protect and defend the country and the Constitution, then I can consider myself to be honored to be a member of that august group.

That said, when Veterans' Day rolls around, I chafe at the "me too" trivilizations, the marketing tie-ins, that abound when 11/11 rolls around. That fat Jew pig who runs Sit'n'Sleep who honors vets, using the barest, thinnest pretext to sell his fucking mattresses, is one example. The NFL being paid by the Pentagon for doing their Sunday game camo-makeover is another for example.

But you go to Google search page and encounter this, which, on the surface, it appears to be "cute" and a genuine thank you for vets everywhere. But take a look at the composition of the picture:

..closely. Relegated to the back is ONE WHITE MALE while the front of the picture have (a) a white Army enlisted female, a black Airman (note the circular collar insignia and the wings? What's that about?), A black veteran in a vest, and a black USAF or Navy woman (again, officer or enlisted not apparent). Accompanying the one white Navy male in the background is a female U. S. Marine.

Now. lookee here, I want to again emphasize that I am no racist and am about as colorblind as one can get, but these fruitball, kumbaya images would be better served were they pictures of actual hard-bitten, weathered vets or service men -- even with the same compositioning and makeup of this unctuously sweet Google-esque politically correct travesty.

So, anyone who thinks I am an angry old vet, you're right! But anyone thinking I am a racist can suck my dick -- without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, and religion.

..and that's my final word on the subject.

~Lt Col War Planner