June 10, 2010

Running the pantload's numbers yet again..

Obama's approval numbers are a constant obsession with me and one supposes with a lot of people as we grow impatient watching this boob flail around ineffectually as our cheif executive.

Every once in a while on some of the bigger blogs and sites one sees reports of his favorability reaching new lows and the overall Gallup or Rasmussen daily tracking has been one way for the entirety of his time in office: downward.

Most recently, Drudge heralded his Gallup numbers reaching a new low after having crossed over the favorable figure several days before. He now stands as 44% approve and 48% disapprove. Same day, Rasmussen has him at 46% approve and 53% disapprove.

..but we all know Rasmussen's a racist, don't we?

Still, in the midst of all this goo oozing out of the Gulf floor, one wonders why Obama is still in the 40s? Cursorily, in addition to the MSM and Obamanoids who contrive to keep his numbers up, I say there are those who don't dare speak ill of the Prince of Darkness precisely because he is black.

It's called the Bradley effect after now-defunct Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley who was a sweet guy but a train wreck as mayor of Los Angeles. Hoever, he who looked like he was going to open up a can of whoop-ass in his campaign for Governor of California in 1982 but lost, polling numbers to the contrary. Folks spoke well of old Tom outside the voting booth but wreaked havoc on his plans for higher office once the flap was drawn.

Whither Obama? Well, his numbers will stay in the 40s for a while, but the trend is unmistakable and know that it it only a question of time. His incompetence and the bumbling of the Clown Troupe he surrounds himself with will take it's toll. for example, can you believe that Numb Nutz Stephen Chu's ignorance of oil-capping procedures?

Also, there is a perfect storm brewing and it should hit right after the debacle in November. That is, if you right-minded people start getting the spirit and don't just sit on the couch with Cousin Pookey and think we can phone it in.

If/when Pelosi gets taken down and Reid gets flushed and the Leftist Democrats have the House wrested from them, then people who care about the Democrat party (cf. HillBuzz) will have the scales fall away from their eyes and see that Dr Utopia is dragging them over the cliff with him.

That's when he will see his numbers plummet into the 30s.

Once he hits 38-39 and if he does not have a majority in the House and possibly the Senate, then he will start flailing and forcing himself on the public thinking that his charm will save the day. This act will get really old really quick; remember his health care marathon appearances? It'll be all-Pantload, all the time.

There's still the oil spill to consider as well. If it gets anywhere near one hundred days on this little puppy -- and the day count has become a fixture in the press now just like Carter's hostage crisis -- then that's a sure-fire groin-kick for The Lightbringer. And when this eventuates, it won't be a pretty sight.

Me? I'm laying in the peanuts and beer and going to work for Carly because -- as we all know -- Box-a-Rocks Boxer's hair is so-o-o-o yesterday.

..and here's to the day when we can toast to The Pantload being so yesterday.


  1. You scare me Bud ... I'm reading along and my mind is ahead. It's thinking this word needs to be coming up. Sure enough, there it is ... Bradley effect. What did I win ?

  2. I love to correlation between Bradley and the "Colon-In-Chief". Only difference being Bradley was at least known to be an decent guy. All accounts place the First Hemorrhoid at the "ass" end of the spectrum.