June 21, 2010

Skippy returns..

Just took a gander at the Rasmussen Daily Tracking (I told you I was obsessive) and it looks like Scooter has returned to the -15% region from the 20s:

Given that he was in that vicinity on June 13th, there might be the strong supposition that his excursion into the nether regions might be exclusively due to his Oval Orifice fiasco and when he shuts up and goes away, people are only moderately upset with the damage he and the Clown Troupe are doing to the country.

..maybe that's why he hides out on the golf links all the time.

ON THE SUBJECT OF POLLS: It seems that republicans are more fired up than ever over voting this Fall according to a recent Gallup poll:
But remember, don't let the "echo chamber" effect cause you to throttle back on your enthusiasm. We're in this for the long haul and that means not only through November but on into 2012.

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