June 9, 2010

To good to pass up..

Woodsterman is up to his usual.er..standards and I gotta do my small part to help this go viral. Although, per the hit rate ion this site, he'll be lucky if this gets a light case of the sniffles. Nontheless, enjoy:

"Remember this face Oh Grand One. In November we're
coming for your friends. Then in 2012 we're coming 
for you! Do you think that's funny Mr. One Term ?"
- Woodsterman, 9 June 2010                              


  1. Thanks TWP, It really cracks me up to come here and be staring at myself.

  2. Hi War Planner, our friend Odie, told me about your blog. It's really great and I'm following you now! Have a nice Wednesday, and keep on fighting.

  3. Friends,

    I am always glad to push our efforts into the face of the odious forces of evil and I welcome you, Bunni! I appreciate comments so do NOT be bashful.

    Woodsterman has been a faithful follower of me since back in my "commie" days. I started blogging with Войска ПВО (Voyska PVO) - a somewhat ambiguous conflating the zeal of my cold war Soviet adversaries (I was a war planner at SAC in the 70s) - but "came in from the cold", switching to a less confusing persona.

    That said, we all have a big job ahead of us and we'll need strength, grit, and humor -- a majority provided by Woodsterman, as you know.

    ..again, welcome!

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. One Term did not even make it that far, what with Blago about ready to rat out the whole pack of 'em.

  5. Fredd, there is a commenter over at Pajamas Media who I followed faithfully (insightful and entertaining) going under the alias, David Thompson. He had this recurring mantra that The Lightbringer/Pantload would eventually realize that his empire was imploding -- either from his incompetence or his past misdeeds (or both) and would resign rather than suffer the ignominy of failure. (?)

    As I said in one of my previous posts here, "You listening, God?"

  6. Linked!