June 30, 2010

"Back in the saddle again..

..out where a friend is a friend.."

Old Sack-o-Crap's Rasmussen D. T. ratings plunged a couple of days ago, but he's back riding high once again ready to open his mouth and start flappin' them lips and again make a run at the 20s.

There's a theory that The Pantload's numbers get more favorable over the weekend because of all the blissed-out libs who stay home and try to recapture their memories of the 60s. After ingesting the pharmaceutical of choice, they mellow out when the Rasmussen rep calls.

"Obaba? Oh wow! Fer sure, dude! Like he's the coolest. Let me check with my main squeeze here a minnet."

"Hey, Moon Woman, is that hatchet-assed guy in D.C. cool or what?"

"Yeah, she's busy makin' some tie-dye jock straps for me, but she agrees. Peace out, bro."


  1. Most gummint jobs are 8-5 M-F. All the unionized government workers are home over the weekend.

  2. ..although you are probably correct, I like my fanciful analysis better.

  3. One or two more bad jobs report and he'll be a lame duck for the rest of his term.

  4. ..and the first one of those will be coming up this Friday, CJ.