June 29, 2010

..another "Separated at Birth"..

Scooter does the great news stories and includes his own artwork. I heartily recommend you give a visit. What with Woodsterman and Scooter, there's a couple of arrows in your quiver guaranteed to keep up the laugh index.

Anyway, he did a piece tangentially relating to Elana Kagan and whipped up one of his masterpieces:

..which instantly reminded me of:

..neither one, of course, is as pulchritudinous as:

..nor as ugly as:

..as Kelsey Grammer said in Down Periscope, "God! I love this job!"


  1. She looks like Janet Napolitano to me. The girl in the third photo looks like the one I've been dreaming about my whole life. The last photo looks like something I dropped in the toilet a while back.

  2. Paul McCartney == Toilet Bowl leftovers.

  3. I thought she looked like comedian Kevin James.