November 20, 2018

Real Shit..

November 16, 2018

Semi-Final 2018 Midterm BDA

Doing some BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) and not wishing to be a Pollyanna, I would bet that the Dems would trade places with us if they could. Or, put another way, I sure would not wish to trade places with them.

(1) We have the Presidency -- and Trump is in office after having accomplished a minor miracle in two years against incredible headwinds versus unhinged and insane Dem and Media opposition and incredible GOPe foot-dragging.

(2) We increased our Senate margin by two with the possible addition of another after the MS Special Election. (Yes, I make allowances for continued larceny.) There are 33 seats up in 2020 with 20 for the (R)s and 12 for the (D)s. However a lot of those seats are in STRONG (R) states. Weakest is Susan Collins in Maine but she won with a 68% margin last time and, after that incredible performance in the Kavanaugh hearings, we should make it a point to support her. Not a conservative but a logical, thoughtful Senator. Remember that Doug Jones (D-AL) is up and if the GOPe puts up a decent candidate, the seat should be taken back in heavily (R) Alabama. An excellent analysis of the Senate exists here.

(3) We lost the House but with only 36 Dem pick-ups (so far, ibidem). This means we only have to pick up 20 seats (actually less) to regain control of the House. It will be a POTUS year so the likelihood of doing this with increased POTUS turnout is very good.

(4) The Dems will be in a situation of "be careful of what you wish for" as they wrestle with each other over leftists socialism versus old-fashioned liberalism as the beast way forward. The cat fight for Speaker between Pelosi and the Left Wing Socialists will be epic. And, if she wins, we can continue to sit back and watch the lunacy of her running the House and chairpersons like Maxi-Pad Waters running the asylum. Think of 230 odd rednecks in a whorehouse with credit cards.

(5) The Republicans purged the House of Paul Ryan and almost 45 of the #NeverTrump footdraggers. Good Riddance! (*spits*) Maybe their holding action will unify them in preparation for 2020 when, hopefully, more pro-Trump candidates will show up.

(6) The MOST IMPORTANT THING to be done is to flush that crapfest RNC Chair -- Mutt Rumbley's niece -- and get someone in there who literally has balls. The RNC's inability to fend off the egregious larceny of the DNC and affiliates after the votes were cast is sickening and inexcusable. The woman should be taken out and shot.

As the past two elections, we are at the crossroads with 2020 coming up and we had better strap on, get ready to cut wire and sort some assholes out -- theirs and ours.

November 15, 2018