June 17, 2010

The Speech: First of three..

Rasmussen does it's daily tracking of presidential popularity as a three-day moving average. Yesterday, the polling did not reflect (or minimally reflected) the Oval Office fiasco delivered by The Pantload and the results stood at -20% (the difference between the strongly approve versus strongly disapprove). Today, presumably with the first day of the speech's influence factored in, the same index still remains at -20 percent. In other words, the results from today's poll had no effect whatsoever.

..it will be interesting to see what eventuates tomorrow and the next day as this remaining two days' data get rolled in. But, so far, this is not even a dead cat bounce; it's more like a dead cat crater.


  1. Obama should be happy because Rasmussen doesn't poll Conservatives like you or me.

  2. Polls are interesting. I love the ABC/Time polls, which always consists of data collected from either Boston, San Francisco, or Greenwich Village.

    As for the tracking poll, the mystery isn't Mr. Pantload's -20 rating; it is, rather, his continued popularity among registered commun ... er, Democrats --none of whom are as smart as they think they are. I find upward shifts puzzling. How can anyone with a normal human brain think Obama is an idiot one day, and only a moron the day following?