May 25, 2010

Who crapped on the Oval Office rug?

First, some interesting news..

..the Rasmussen Daily Tracking has the POSOTUS at a new low of 42% this morning and with those strongly disapproving of this clown 2% about those who only approve (44% to 42%) and the total disapproval at 56% -- tied for his highest ever.

But, if you are a student of these numbers, you will know that they vacillate widely with The Pantload dipping down into a single-digit gaps, mostly because of the people jumping from disfavor-to-favor categories and back again. He has been consistently underwater double digits -- except for a few times when he has almost broke the surface -- since 10/15/2009.

Yet he still has not cracked the 40% favorable threshold and plunged into the yawning abyss of thirty percent country. Many lay it to his stubborn base of people who refuse to see how incompetent this man and his administration is and the fact that he will always have the support of the blacks and unions, now with a smattering of Hispanics who want to jump on board because they perceive there's an amnesty card still yet to play.

That having been said, we might be on the verge of seeing this unwind. For you see we are heading into the 2010 elections with an interesting plot brewing: namely the supposed offer of the Secretary of the Navy job to Democrat Sestak if he would take a power against Snarlin' Arlen Sphincter.

And the drum beat is quickening. The right side of the MSM, talk radio, and the blogosphere have begun to trumpet this little item for what it is: an out-and-out bribe..

..and a high crime. You know,of the impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors variety? While the digging and the putting-two-and-two-together has begun, so has the wagon circling by the MSM, predictably by Wiegel of the WaPo:

Sestak couldn't have been nominated for secretary of the Navy
A helpful reader points out a hole in the theory that someone in the Obama administration floated a job offer to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) in order to entice him out of the U.S. Senate primary with Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.). The most popular version of the story -- and the only fact we have is that Sestak claims an offer of some kind was made at some point -- has Sestak being offered the role of secretary of the Navy. But as The Post pointed out in an op-ed on the matter -- itself an example of what a ripe fruit Sestak has given Republicans here -- that would have been impossible.

On March 27, 2009, the administration nominated Ray Mabus as secretary of the Navy. It wasn't until April 28 that Specter became a Democrat, and by Sestak's own recollection, he was literally being courted to run the day that news broke. On May 18, the Senate confirmed Mabus. And on May 29, Sestak entered the Senate race.

Of course, one commenter dissects this flimsy set-up:

Weigel is all wet on this one. His logic doesn't make any sense. The key date is not when Mabus was nominated nor when Specter became a Democrat but rather when Specter started talking to the Democrats about the possibility of becoming a Democrat. The White House very well could have been courting Specter and making the Sec of Navy offer for many months before March 27, 2009 and at the same time courting Sestak to run as a back up in case Specter didn't cross over. Assume Specter decides not to cross over and the administration gives up on Specter, and nominates Mabus for Sec of Navy. However, by April 28, the handwriting on the wall becomes clear to Specter that he cannot win the Republican nomination. He switches on April 28 even though by then, the window of opportunity to run unopposed in the Dem primary has already closed.

Also, is teems that Axelrod is in full spin mode at this time, dumping on Sestak:

So you get the point. The battle is joined and one suspects we will see more on this as it is an integral component of the key Pennsylvania senate race and goes to Sestak's (or the POSOTUS's) truthfulness.

I seem to remember another election back in the early 70s being tainted by something similar and then getting picked open like a festering patch of impetigo. It sure will be a testament to the MSM's interest in following a story critical of their beloved and anointed Magic Man or them lining up for backside butt-smooches.

Maybe somewhere in the Oval Office, there's another reel of tape with an 18-minute gap on it.

..Developing, as Drudge would say.

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