May 19, 2010

Rounding the far turn and approaching the home stretch..

There are about 166 days left until November 2nd and we've only got a few more landmark dates until we get busy for the Fall. I figure after the California primary, the picture for us out here will become more clear and I'll start lookig for some campaigns I should be working for.

How about you?

You going to get on board or are you just going to sit on your fanny and watch the parade go by? Remember last Summer when we all got in the faces of these elected clowns who arrogantly tried every tick in the book to blunt our voices only to bank the fires of our anger? I think we ought to make last Summer, Last Fall, January's epic upset by Scott Brown, and the other significant events that have been swept under the rug by Ombama, Pelosi, Reid, and the MSM look like -- well, a tea party -- compared to the sh*t storm that we will cause to rain down on those idiots. Meanwhile, enjoy the music..

..and stay mad!


  1. Greetings! Your fellow Fountain Valley, CA. patriot salutes you!

    Cheerfully added to my "West Coast Resistance" list...


  2. We have to pound them into the pavement. I won't stop until totalitarian collectivism is wiped out completely.

    Personally, though, I would have used Yngwie Malmsteen's song "Rise Up," old metalhead that I am. :)

    Lipton: Hey, I lived in Fountain Valley until high school! (That was a long time ago...)