May 1, 2010

Sra Gabriella Salcedo: American

A lady with grace, class, and a person whom I am proud to call a fellow American. Senora Salcedo makes several interesting points in her address to the Tucson city council, namely what a fool Raul Grijalva for advocating against the state he represents in congress and Council woman Romero for wasting the city of Tucson's money on yet another frivolous law suit of the State of Arizona. I especially the point about one being in a foreign country and being required to carry your passport at all times for identification.

It is my considered that this gracious lady should consider running for congress because, unlike many of those 435 turds living off our dime in D.C., this woman actually reads the laws.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, across the country -- and especially in Los Angeles --  thousands of presumably illegal immigrants will be demonstrating for "their rights". In past years for us in Southern California it meant good news and bad news. Good: When May 1st fell on a weekday, the freeway traffic was decidedly better. Bad: Our toilets don't get cleaned. Don't blame me; it's the idiot mayor of Los Angeles who made the claim "We clean your toilets!" in front of a May Day crowd.

Hey, if only he did something that productive.

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