May 29, 2010

Hard Core..

..and all I got on my rear window is a Gadsden flag, a SAC patch, a USAF Auxiliary seal, and a "Proud Parent of a U. S. Marine" decal. Man, I wish I had the stones to sport that expression of my anger over The Pantload's Reign of Error but I'd probably get my vehicle keyed so much, I'd have to spend every weekend at Earl Scheib's.

The guy's probably riding around with an arsenal and a briefcase full of CCW permits..and I sure as hell would be afraid to jostle with a guy like that who has his contemptuousness for the Butt-Wipe-in-Chief floor boarded.

What do the illegals say to one another down in Tucson?

..hey, hermano!

(Courtesy of Tom Alexander, my Sea Island, Georgia high school bud.)


  1. Excellent! What state is that license plate from? More power to him.

  2. My bud,Tom, said it was a picture taken in Dallas yesterday morning. But the license plate sure looks like some other state than Texas, don't it?