May 4, 2010

[P]MS NBC Contessa Brewer projecting her hypocrisy..

Stolen from a recent post on Hot Air by Ed Morrissey: which Contessa Brewer tells Stephanie Miller that she’s really unhappy that she couldn’t use the Times Square bombing attempt to prove Tea Party “bigotry.” Never mind that this clip shows the bigotry of Brewer in relation to conservatives..

This makes that double standard piece about the Arizona demonstrations (below) pale in comparison. Here this woman as much as comes out and says she regrets it wasn't one of those angry types, pissed off, oh I dunno, about health care or sumpthin'.

I think she misspelled her first name; shoulda been with a "U".

UPDATE: seems the good..ahem..Contessa will be wee-weeing in her jeans with disappointment because the AP claims this guy was trained in a camp in Pakistan.

Time to change your maxi-pad, Contessa.

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