May 14, 2010

Buffalo Bill[board]

This is just to-o-o-o-o-o delicious for words. But first a disclaimer about the pain of unemployment. I have been there before with no prospects in sight, bills to pay, and family responsibilities. It ain't no fun and folks are in real pain.

So I take no delight in taunting them.

However, the billboard put up in Buffalo to catch The Pantload's eye pictures some Yutes begging their dear leader for help with their predicament.

"I need a freakin' job." That's the message President Obama saw as he arrived in Buffalo, N.Y., this afternoon for an event talking up the administration's success in creating new jobs. He also pitched Congress on approving a $30 billion credit for small-business growth.

The rich irony is that the folks that posed for the picture and others of their generation were probably the ones most responsible for getting this shitheel into office. If you head over to the web site of this organization you are hit with that scruffy, juvenile, naive idealism that got Obama elected in the first place. Check out this insipid video; tolerate it for as long as you can:

..o.k., o.k., I get the message. So do a lot of people. Why are you stringing together three minutes of adolescent whining over the present state of the economy? Why are you starting yet another movement to crusade for something you think you have a right to? Why not put your strength and energy into something that has been going on for about 18 months now and is growing in strength day-by-day? Why not make your effort part of the Tea Party movement? (Or why not revive the now-moribund Coffee Party and inflate them with your energy and desires -- if you have any capacity for action other than pissing and moaning about your present state of affairs.)

Somehow, this strikes me as a dissatisfied bunch of post-adolescents for whom the realities of the cold, cruel dog fight have replaced fuzzy, warm idyllic college life; kids who wish to remain apolitical but fail to consider the consequences of their votes back in November 2008.

Here is their malformed screed: sum, it's pretty tedious.There are some good points, but I don't really see a any action plan on their web site of how they're going to accomplish this except make whiny You Tube videos about how the world owes them.

However, one might surmise that may just be a clever ploy to link together disaffected youth under an apolitical banner for the purpose of..

..selling t-shirts and other merchandise. It's a killer idea when you come to think of it. Put up a bulletin board at a city The Boy King is visiting, put up a web site, bask in the free publicity from news stories on Fox and Drudge and other outlets, and rake in the dough from coffee mugs.

The War Planner is "kickin' back a simple reply". Take a long, hard look  at who is really causing your problems, identify the incumbent members of government who desperately need to be shown the gate, roll up your sleeves, work for those up-and-coming challengers to the political status quo, and foment some real change of your own instead of putting all of your trust in a lying, purple-lipped, metro-sexual incompetent boob and the clowns you allowed him to drag down to D.C. to pour sand in the gearbox of this nation's institutions and industry. 

As a passing note, I showed this to the good Lance Corporal and he just laughed. He has told me that he knows a lot of clueless souls like this. There was a great deal of disdain in his tone.


  1. Their list started out perfectly:

    "Stupid is believing the problems we have can be solved by the same people that created them."

    Asking the federal government to help fix a problem is like asking an arsonist to help put out the fire he started.

    So, why are these kids asking Chairman BaO to help them get jobs? He may not have started the fire, but he's the guy pouring gasoline on the flames.

    And you're right about there being no action plan on the website. Without real ideas for solutions, even if they're just fundamental principles on which to work, it's just whining.

    If I were hiring people, and somebody came to me wearing an "iNAFj" t-shirt, I wouldn't waste any time doing an interview, but would simply hand that person a piece of paper that read "ySNAFBYAGIFm" (You Still Need A Freakin' Job But You Ain't Gettin' It From Me).

  2. "I wouldn't waste any time doing an interview, but would simply hand that person a piece of paper that read "ySNAFBYAGIFm" (You Still Need A Freakin' Job But You Ain't Gettin' It From Me). "

    ..or a job application form from McDonald's.

    Ah, Hon. Bastiatarian, you do yourself proud by confirming what I suspected when I scribbled my post. I had regrets when it was committed to the great maw of the internet. But, you gotta figure (cf. video) that so many post-adolescents so clueless about the beneficial effects of Neutrogena and Pro-Activ skin cleaner can't be packin' a lot of smarts to begin with.

  3. YHCTMNGYOOI (you helped caused this mess now get yourself out of it)

  4. >can't be packin' a lot of smarts to begin with

    Unfortunately, they remind me of some of my students...