May 27, 2010

It persists..

As outlined in detail below, our Nero continues to fiddle while Rome burns. ABC news has a piece on today's specious schedule for Obama -- only we can see that the Gulf is getting a little more attention than it has in the previous 35 days.

In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on the BP oil spill and the conclusions of his ordered 30-day safety review and hold a press conference in the East Room.

The president will announce standards to strengthen oversight of the industry and enhance safety, a first step in a process that the independent Presidential Commission will continue, a White House official says.

In the meantime, the moratorium on permits to drill new deepwater wells will continue for a period of six months. In addition, the planned exploration off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas will be delayed pending the Co missions review and the August lease sale in the Western Gulf will be cancelled. The lease sale off the coast of Virginia will also be cancelled due to environmental concerns and concerns raised by the Defense Department.

After taking questions from press, the President will then receive a briefing in the Situation Room on the 2010 hurricane season forecast and an overview of the federal government’s national hurricane preparedness. The briefing will be led by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco, as well as five FEMA Regional Administrators.

Still in all, he will be hobnobbing with the Duke basketball team and Bill Clinton -- who has somehow insinuated himself into the World Cup soccer scene.

Here's where I am going with this: if this butt hole had gotten off his biscuits and seen to this, marshaling the full weight of FEMA and the other federal entities about 25 days earlier, we would have this thing mopped up and probably not have to worry about canceling oil drill permits and suspending other offshore operations.

Man, when this finally does get squared away, wouldn't this be a great time for a Middle East oil shortage to hit?

But, then he is hardly a strategic thinker, no matter what the conspiracy theorists will say. I submit that his arrogance and desperate need for love and adulation in concert with our pathetic politically correct, affirmative action state of affairs, and happenstance of a perfect storm of dissatisfaction with status quo government propelled him into the office of POTUS.

For the 492 days of his presidency, he has been ad hoc, living day-to-day, and being manipulated by the likes of Emanuel, Axelrod, and possibly mysterious others who pull the strings of this terminally vapid individual. Check out the daily schedules in the post below. It is amazing how his daily schedule evinces a clueless, carefree individual with no thought of strategy nor one iota of managerial or leadership skills aside from just screeching at an aide to “just plug the damn hole”.

He just plays on, content to enjoy the trappings of the office: Air force One, hosting receptions, giving speeches that require applause, and always, always the limelight.

..a series of knee-jerk reactions, with emphasis on "jerk".

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