May 11, 2010

Wake up call..

Got the above pictures from a USAF Auxiliary friend via e-mail this morning. He described it best:
Have you seen this yet? That is the biggest lightning caused hole in an aircraft  that I have ever seen. The pilot must have gotten religion immediately after he wet his pants.  I'll bet his ears rang for quite a while afterwards. OK. So. You're the pilot of a plane. It's on auto-pilot and you're catching up on People magazine and having a cup of coffee. Suddenly the loudest sound you will ever hear goes off just behind your left ear. You're blinded by the flash and can't hear. All you can feel is something warm running down your leg. You immediately consider retirement!

..I'm thinking hash marks and a new set of boxers, I am.


  1. Real photos, inaccurate description:

    Photos of the damage done by an electrical fire, on the ground.

  2. Thanks for the advisory and I believe your point is correct. However, I sometimes think is full of themselves -- which is to say, full of sh!t. On several occasions, I have gone to the other sources on the internet that have conclusively proven the snopes assertion wrong.

    Now, contrary to popular opinion, I have a life and don't want to make a definitive study on the issue. So, I just lay it to "not believing everything one reads on the internet" or, better yet, only believing what I want to believe..

    ..or whatever.