May 15, 2010

It's come to this..

Here is a place holder for an item I just dug up, wonderfully researched, and commented on by The King's Jester about the new "Courageus Restraint" medal that is being suggested for the military.

Huh? Are you as flummoxed as I am? Well, check it out here.

This is going to take a few beers and a couple of Glenfiddich's for me to acclimate myself. About the only thing I can say at the moment is have they mailed out the 2012 absentee ballots yet?

I was ruminating on how to add to King Jester's magnificant commentary but cannot. His words say it best:

The United Nations and our spineless Administration are seeking to play political games using America’s Best and Brightest.  We are fighting an enemy who will kill us without hesitation.  They have no qualms about using their own children as human shields or suicide bombers.  Our troops, because of the way they were raised in the greatest country on Earth, buoyed by the training they received from the finest Armed Forces in the world, do all that is humanly possible to  limit civilian casualties already.  

These clueless Professional Bureaucrats from the U.N. and our own Administration would be risking the priceless lives of our American soldiers for an $18 medal and political expediency.

..pass the Glenfiddich, please.


  1. I think that the first set of "Courageous Restraint" medals should go to every person who read about it and didn't immediately find the goofball that came up with the idea and beat the oatmeal out of him/her.

  2. know, more and more I am enjoying your comments here. Right now, I have air can and Windex in hand and am set to clean up the keyboard and monitor.

    There's gotta be some way of writing CSS/HTML that flashes *WARNING* BASTIATARIAN POST ATTACHED! so I can swallow the liquid I am drinking and put down the container before reading.

  3. Hey, even if I can't enlighten, I hope I can at least ruin somebody's keyboard every so often. :)