May 8, 2010

Too good not to share..

..file under the "Extremely Late to the Dance" category, but this is too good not to pass on. Think about this when you pull the lever next November and in 2012.

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  1. The sad thing is that the push back against the government takeover seems to have died down. I hope that as the election approaches, good, liberty-loving candidates will push evidence of the tyrannical nature of Obamacare to the forefront.

    I also hope that, if we can oust a significant number of Democrats, we don't get a bunch of liberal Republicans pushing what amounts to Obamacare-lite. The only real solution is to get the government completely out of the health care industry, not merely to loosen the iron grip a tiny bit. The Republican Party establishment hasn't been too keen on non-intervention in our lives, so we'll have to see if we have any true statesmen step up to the plate.